April 1, 2013

New Pictures

 Our "pioneer trek" that we did as a branch. Which included walking along a busy highway. It was actually hilarious because instead of crossing a river we crossed a four lane highway. Equally dangerous ha-ha. But along the sides of the roads here in Peru there are these little houses,  they are actually mini capillas. If someone dies getting hit by a car or in a car wreck on the road their family builds one of these.

View from the hill where we finished our pioneer trek of two hours ha-ha

When we made Mexican food as a district. It's fun to meet people from all around the world. I feel like I will finish my mission with friends in just about every part of South America

A "sweet" that they make here in Peru. It looks like Carmel but don't be folded It's actually baked beans all mashed up in a cream form and they eat it with bread

Me and my companion in front of a Flower Carpet. They line the streets with these and then they carry different Saints or Maybe a statue of the Virgin Maria or Jesus on their backs. They walk down the streets and trample the flower carpets

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