April 26, 2013


Hermana  Cueva and me with Berta's baptism

Me and my new companion, Hermana Bendixen

Me and Hermana Bendixen do a service project

April 22, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos!

WOW!!! Where is the time going! This week went by crazy fast. I feel bad for my companion we had to go to Lima twice again this week due to a choir practice and mission conference and with immigrations we might have to go again. It's frustrating because I only have a little bit of time left here as a missionary and I don't want to waste it in the Z Bus but what can you do. I just hope she is having a good mission experience. I worry I'm not teaching her enough. I'm just trying to ease her into everything. I remember my first months were SO overwhelming trying to do mission work and not understanding a thing. So I am really just trying to help her learn and give her a few small responsibilities. But then again I think I might be doing too much and when she gets her next companion it will be like a smack in the face. I just really want to ease her into everything.
Even though she claims that it's not happening, I think the culture shock is starting to set it. The way men treat us is REALLY bothering her. Not to mention how everything starts late ha-ha. She keeps saying she wants to buy a watch and I keep finding ways to not let her.  Maybe that is terrible but I know how North Americans are ha-ha. I know how I was and my watch breaking has been the greatest blessing because I have just learned to chill out . We are suppose to help the culture of the church change and get things started on time. But its poco a poco we can't change the whole culture of Peru over night.
Funny story of the week. Which might only be funny if you have lived in Peru. So side note. In Peru there are these people that have bicycles that have carts in front of them. Then they go around with a megaphones and sell the stuff they have in their carts. Some people sell fruits, tamales, recycled garbage ha-ha. But they all go around with mega phones shouting out what they are selling. So the other day someone passes by our house selling stuff like normal and I hear Hermana Bendixen shout from the other room, and she sounds scared. "Hermana Taggart! There is a man with a mega phone yelling at our house!" ha-ha I got a kick out of that. I'm just getting too use to Peru.

Oh yeah today made me laugh as well. Being with a new North American has shown me just how much I really have let myself go. She still puts on makeup everyday and spends time picking out what she is going to wear. Whereas I just put on whatever and I only put on makeup if I believe we will be taking pictures ha-ha.
I feel like the different between a North American with 2 weeks in the field and 18 months is best shown by what happened this morning. We left and then two seconds later we both realized we had to go back to the room because we had both forgotten something. She had forgotten her name tag . . .and I had forgotten to put on deodorant. Ha-ha I have really been here too long.  I've got to get myself back to the states and back to real life while there is still hope.

In other news my mom informed me that about 10 people got engaged this week! No worries that didn't make me trunky or anything. Man alive! But I'm super excited for everyone. I had a nightmare the other night that I came home from my mission and all my friends were in coffins, I told an Elder about it and he told me it's because subconsciously I know that all my friends have socially died ha-ha. Well I hope when I get home you all ditch your husband's for a night a revive yourselves socially.

All is well in our area. We are teaching a new girl names Gasmina. She is wonderful. She could possibly be ready for baptism before I go which would be exciting if she is. But I'm not going to rush her. I really don't like when people rush baptisms just to have one more number. For me every convert is a HUGE responsibility! I believe if we baptize people just to have one more baptism but they don't understand what they are doing or aren't ready to make the commitment that they are making and they fall always we as missionaries will be somewhat responsible for that. I just think it's a balance. For me the most important thing is that Gasmina gets baptized and stays an active member of the church, but if that happens before I leave or after doesn't matter to me.

We are also teaching a few young couples that are preparing to get married. It's the same thing. I might not get to see them get baptized but I'm happy that they are repenting, learning and growing spiritually. One day when they do get baptized they will be amazing strong families in the gospel.
I'm just trying to finish strong. Stay focused (which is hard at times) and teach my companion the ropes of missionary life.

All is well.
I will see you all VERY SOON!
Love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

April 15, 2013

Hola famila y amigos! Como estan!

This week was crazy! Let's start with Monday. Surprise baptism! Berta was suppose to get baptized on Saturday but seeing as Hermana Cueva was leaving we decided to try and up her date. She accepted. I was thrilled because I knew this baptism meant alot to Hermana Cueva.

Tuesday I went and picked up my new companion. Yup North American! Hermana Bendixen from California. She is wonderful. She is a BYU Idaho Theater Major. She doesn't speak Spanish but she doesn't let that stop her. I've been impressed that she will go up to people and contact even though she can't say much more then how are you. We get along really well. I am just trying to find a balance of speaking Spanish and English with her. Enough Spanish so she learns, but then enough English that she doesn't have an emotional breakdown ha ha. I mean every American learning Spanish has to have a language break down at some point, but I figure the Lord has us together so that I keep working hard and so that she doesn't have that break down just yet. I love training. It just keeps me so focused!

Wednesday we had interviews with the president. He told me that he was really sad that I would be leaving. A lot of new Hermanas will be coming in and he wished I would be here to train. He also said that the whole training sister thing that he has me doing,  is going to become an organized calling like a female assistant. After words we had a leadership training and honestly for the first time I felt really sad that I am finishing. I guess I have always thought about finishing my mission as the time when I get to see my family. So I have just been excited. But Wednesday I realized that I won't be a missionary forever and it made me really sad. I just feel like it would have been fun to stay longer and see everything that will be happening with all these young girls coming in, but sadly I'm missing that wave. Its o.k. though. I hope that when I go home there is a calling waiting for me. I just want to keep working in whatever way the lord wants me to work.
Friday we went and did a fun service where we picked rotting oranges in an orchard. You better believe that, that soon turned into a huge orange fight. My companion wasn't too thrilled about it ha-ha. I don't know if I just have too much time hanging out with Elders or it's that little tom boy inside of me but I was having a blast running around making war cries and chucking rotting oranges at people haha. Good times.
Training a new north American is hard. Mostly because I don't know how to help her. My first 4 months I was with someone who DID NOT speak English so there just wasn't an option. I learned Spanish. But it was really lonely and stressful at times. So I am glad that I can speak English with my companion so she doesn't have to deal with that lonely or stressful feeling, but I don't know if I am doing her justice because it will happen. But I believe the Lord has us together for a reason.
Well I got to run!

Thanks for all your love and support. I'm not trunky or anything but I will be seeing you all in just about a month! AAAHHH!!! I can't wait! Get ready to party!
Love you all
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

April 10, 2013


April 8, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos!

So lots has happened this last two weeks. Sorry I couldn't write last week. My companion got sick and we live 2 hours out of Lima and then in Lima it's another hour and a half to the hospital which makes getting sick a REAL big pain! We were traveling all day and I didn't get to write.

The most exciting thing that happened last week is that we did an Easter egg hunt for a ward activity. They loved it! Peruvians don't do Easter egg hunts here. We found plastic eggs but not the kind we use .  We had to cut an opening with knifes ha-ha, but then we stuffed 500 eggs with candy and hid them all over the church. It was hilarious. They all loved it. The Elders asked how they could help and I told them to dress up as Easter bunnies and they did. What good sports.  It was great fun.

This week we went to the temple and we watched general conference. So it was just TONS of spiritually.
We just found out that my companion is getting transferred and I will be spending my last month in the mission training. I'm excited to train. Its lots of responsibility but I'm fine with that. I need it so that I don't trunk out my last month ha-ha. But from what her last name is, it sounds like she is a  north American. . . wow. . . Never thought that would happen to me. I'm a little nervous about helping her with her Spanish. It was tempting enough with Hermana Anderson to speak English when we both knew Spanish really well. Imagine with someone who doesn't speak Spanish ha-ha it will be good. At least I can help her ease into the culture shock.
The only thing I feel bad about is that Berta is suppose  to get baptized this Saturday. . . my companion has been here through all of Bertas conversion and she deserves to see her baptism. So we are going to try and work some last minute magic and get her baptized tonight. She is ready! She just needs an interview. I'm all about last minute baptisms because my companions are leaving. It worked with Hermana Anderson and Alfunso and it will be great with Hermana Cueva and Berta.

My mom said that the singles ward sent me letters and asked if I got them. . . I'm so sorry. I haven't. I don't know how long ago they were sent. Hopefully they get here, Sadly Peruvian mail is not that reliable there are several things I have never gotten.

We have a new investigator named Amilcar. We meet him contacting. We was reading a novel in a park. (Which I have never seen in all my time in Peru.) I just had to go talk to him. We contacted him and told him that we wanted to give him a book to read. I told him that it was my favorite book and that I had read it over and over again. He was super excited. Free book ha-ha. He is a good Kid,19years old.  Really open minded and interesting on his ideas of God. I love how he prays because it sounds like he is making a phone call. "Hello God, It's me again Amilcar, How are you?" I mostly love that he asks God how he is doing.
Basically all is well. I'm happy and healthy. I had a down spell in March but with a nice fast and prayer I was able to buck up, put on my big sister missionary skirt and I'm ready to work super hard and go out great!

I love you all! I'll see you soon!
Love Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

April 1, 2013

New Pictures

 Our "pioneer trek" that we did as a branch. Which included walking along a busy highway. It was actually hilarious because instead of crossing a river we crossed a four lane highway. Equally dangerous ha-ha. But along the sides of the roads here in Peru there are these little houses,  they are actually mini capillas. If someone dies getting hit by a car or in a car wreck on the road their family builds one of these.

View from the hill where we finished our pioneer trek of two hours ha-ha

When we made Mexican food as a district. It's fun to meet people from all around the world. I feel like I will finish my mission with friends in just about every part of South America

A "sweet" that they make here in Peru. It looks like Carmel but don't be folded It's actually baked beans all mashed up in a cream form and they eat it with bread

Me and my companion in front of a Flower Carpet. They line the streets with these and then they carry different Saints or Maybe a statue of the Virgin Maria or Jesus on their backs. They walk down the streets and trample the flower carpets

March 25, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week. . . oh this week. Mamma said they'd be weeks like this, they'll be weeks like this my mamma said ha-ha. Its fine sometimes there are just hard weeks in the mission. Berta went through a bunch of personal family problems this week and stopped reading and praying and blew us off for her baptismal interview so she didn't end up getting baptized. We finally found her Saturday. Like Hermana Anderson always said Satan is a Jerk. He knew Berta was happier than ever and all was going well and she would get baptized without a problem so he sent her drunken ex-husband to make everything complicated. But it will be fine. Mostly I just feel bad for her. The gospel isn't just for when times are going good. I felt bad for her because at the time  where she NEEDED the most help she pushed the Lord away. But she will be alright. She came to church and is feeling better now.

That was one really good thing about this week. Sunday EVERYONE came to church. Wow that was a tender mercy from the Lord after all the spiritual punches in the stomach Sunday was a tender mercy.
This week I learned a lesson. When you have a spiritual prompting. Write it down, or act on it immediately. When I was with Hermana Anderson we did a contact in a Taxi. Nothing spectacular. We were going to go visit her but then Hermana Andersons dad got sick and we went to Lima early and we never visited the contact. This last week there was like 5 times where this woman came= to my mind and I thought, yeah we will go visit her. Tomorrow we will go visit her. After this appointment we will go visit her, but then I would forget. FINALLY when we were planning on Wednesday night she came to my mind again. So I told my companion we HAD to go visit this women because she had came to my mind SO MANY TIMES. We  went and when we found her she says "Oh that's nice of you to come but yesterday the Elders knocked on our door. They visited us yesterday and are coming tomorrow."

This was one of the many spiritual punches of the week. I was happy that the Elders followed the spirit and were lead to this family, but I felt about two inches tall to know that the Lord had to send someone else because I hadn't paid attention to a spiritual prompting, but it's alright. It's something to learn from.

Tomorrow I reach 17 months in my mission! It's crazy! I can't believe it.
Basically all is well. This week was tough, but its o.k. When you have a bad week that means that the next week even if it is just good,  will seem great in comparison ha-ha.

I love you all.
Love Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

March 18, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos.

So I got shafted in the computers this week and mine didn't work for like 20 minutes and now I'm getting started and my zone leader wants me to get off so I'm going to trying to make this short and interesting so I can stop getting the evil eye ha-ha.

This week was good. Berta is preparing for baptism.  We found an amazing new couple. They need to get married first which is SUCH a head ache in Peru. I took for granite how easy it is to get married in the states. For heaven's sake in Vegas I think they have drive through wedding chapels. Here it cost a bunch of money  and you have to do a bunch of medical tests, it's a real head ache. But we are going to make it happen and they will get baptized hopefully at the end of April.

This week my funny story is that week long argument my companion and I have been having about whether or not cold water makes you sick. People in Peru think that  drinking a soda with an ice cube in it gives you a cold. She got sick this week and was blaming it on the cold water we drink. I told her that it probably had something to do with the thousands of DIRTY hands we shake every day and then her not washing her hands before eating ha-ha. It cracks me up that of all the things that are dirty here that we touch she thinks the ice cubes did her in ha-ha.

Mom told me that my cousin Kelli is sick. I know she reads my blog so I just wanted to send my love and let you know that you are in my prayers. Everything is going to be alright. Trust in the Lord. Everything is going to be alright. I love you Kelli. Thanks for your letters and your support. You really are in my prayers.

O.k. well now that I'm crying my zone leaders eyes aren't shooting fire like before, but I better go.
I love you all so much!
Thanks for your love and support
Love Sadie