April 10, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos!

So lots has happened this last two weeks. Sorry I couldn't write last week. My companion got sick and we live 2 hours out of Lima and then in Lima it's another hour and a half to the hospital which makes getting sick a REAL big pain! We were traveling all day and I didn't get to write.

The most exciting thing that happened last week is that we did an Easter egg hunt for a ward activity. They loved it! Peruvians don't do Easter egg hunts here. We found plastic eggs but not the kind we use .  We had to cut an opening with knifes ha-ha, but then we stuffed 500 eggs with candy and hid them all over the church. It was hilarious. They all loved it. The Elders asked how they could help and I told them to dress up as Easter bunnies and they did. What good sports.  It was great fun.

This week we went to the temple and we watched general conference. So it was just TONS of spiritually.
We just found out that my companion is getting transferred and I will be spending my last month in the mission training. I'm excited to train. Its lots of responsibility but I'm fine with that. I need it so that I don't trunk out my last month ha-ha. But from what her last name is, it sounds like she is a  north American. . . wow. . . Never thought that would happen to me. I'm a little nervous about helping her with her Spanish. It was tempting enough with Hermana Anderson to speak English when we both knew Spanish really well. Imagine with someone who doesn't speak Spanish ha-ha it will be good. At least I can help her ease into the culture shock.
The only thing I feel bad about is that Berta is suppose  to get baptized this Saturday. . . my companion has been here through all of Bertas conversion and she deserves to see her baptism. So we are going to try and work some last minute magic and get her baptized tonight. She is ready! She just needs an interview. I'm all about last minute baptisms because my companions are leaving. It worked with Hermana Anderson and Alfunso and it will be great with Hermana Cueva and Berta.

My mom said that the singles ward sent me letters and asked if I got them. . . I'm so sorry. I haven't. I don't know how long ago they were sent. Hopefully they get here, Sadly Peruvian mail is not that reliable there are several things I have never gotten.

We have a new investigator named Amilcar. We meet him contacting. We was reading a novel in a park. (Which I have never seen in all my time in Peru.) I just had to go talk to him. We contacted him and told him that we wanted to give him a book to read. I told him that it was my favorite book and that I had read it over and over again. He was super excited. Free book ha-ha. He is a good Kid,19years old.  Really open minded and interesting on his ideas of God. I love how he prays because it sounds like he is making a phone call. "Hello God, It's me again Amilcar, How are you?" I mostly love that he asks God how he is doing.
Basically all is well. I'm happy and healthy. I had a down spell in March but with a nice fast and prayer I was able to buck up, put on my big sister missionary skirt and I'm ready to work super hard and go out great!

I love you all! I'll see you soon!
Love Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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