August 26, 2012

August 20, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,

O.k. so I want to talk about some funny things and some serious things and I feel like talking about them both in the same letter some might make me seem heartless, but know that I am not.
First a funny story from this week. So en el Cerro, or in the dirt hills of our area there are tons of drunks, but there is this one drunk especially that is always giving us problems, he has chased after us a few times yelling things like "Gringa Besame!" or "White Girl Kiss me!" (but don't worry he is so drunk that he can't  run and just ends up falling over,  so it's really not dangerous.) but the other day we turned a corner and he was there and super close. So I started back pedaling to get away from him and Hermana Lisarazo went into protection mode. She takes off her back pack full of scriptures and starts betting him in the back of the head with her bag. It was hilarious. If I could only show you all what I saw, but it was really funny, and so not appropriate ha-ha. After words I talked to Hermana Lisarazo about how we can't beat up drunks in the street. You got to love Hermana Lisarazo.

Sunday however was a really sad day. Elder Carter had called me Saturday really late asking if me and my companion could be in the offices on Sunday. I figured it was something to do with my companions visa. I got to the offices and no one was there but the President's wife. She took us into the president's office and informed me that Jim Judd passed away in a motorcycle accident. It was really heart breaking. Jim was like a second Dad to me. When my Dad passed away Jim really stepped up and was always there for the important things in my life to support me. He did lots of sweet things for me my whole life. He was at my setting apart. My heart also broke for his family. Losing a Dad is terrible. I wish I could be there to hug them all and give them any form of help that I could. At least I know that my Family is there and since we have been through a similar situation I pray that we can be of some help.

The thing that helps is knowing everything that is unfair about life can be made fair from the atonement of Jesus Christ. It isn't fair to lose your Dad, or you Husband unexpectedly and early in life. But the Lord has promised us that one day we can be with our families again. I imagine in that day our joy will be so great that we won't even remember our pain. All I know is that Its true, families can be together forever and the Lord does love us.

Love always, Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart


August 13, 2012

Hola Familay Amigos!

I don't have a whole lot of time to write today. To be brief. My birthday was this Wednesday and it was wonderful, the ward was SO sweet, a few of the members found out when my birthday was and they did a lot to make it special, 4 dinners, 4 cakes, 2 parties and no eggs on my head ha-ha. It was a really special day. I felt bad cuz we were only able to teach one lesson cuz the whole day was spent with members, but hey its only one day and it was my birthday after all. I'm really thankful I could spend my birthday here in Santa Isabel. I really love this area. I hope I get lots of time here. I'm not sure why, it's not like this is an easy area with tons of baptisms, actually it's the opposite, but I like the challenge of being in a ward that hasn't had success. There is lots of work to do and you can't fail.

We are currently preparing a 75 year old man named Elais for baptism. He is wonderful. We taught him Sunday in the house of a member who is 81. I was a little worried it would be hard to control the lesson with two talkative older men, but I was wrong the lesson was super powerful. Hermano Quispe, the member who is 81 got baptized when he was 65 so he was able to relate to Elais. Elais seemed a lot more comfortable with the idea of baptism after talking to Hermano Quispe. The best part of the lesson was when we ended. Hermano Quispe cried and thanked us for the opportunity to share the gospel. I think he is really lonely. He is the only member in his family and doesn't have a wife or kids. I think the Lord knew Elais needed Hermano Quispe and also the lord knew Hermano Quispe needed to be needed. Its moments like that when you know you are doing exactly what the lord wants you to do. Those are the moments that make being a missionary wonderful.

I want to thank everyone who wrote me in the birthday package my mom sent me and those who sent them on your own.  Also Autumn I hope your package gets to me. The post office closed, but I think it's just closed for sending things but not for receiving because I got letters this past week. Hopefully, but either way thank you all for thinking of me on my birthday.

I love you all! Thanks for everything!
Love Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

August 10, 2012

August 6, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week was a good week. We taught ALOT of lessons. Which is the best. Knocked tons of doors and set a fecha bautismal, or a baptism date with a man named Elais. He is 75 years old and a super sweet man. His son is a member of the church. He came to church on Sunday and it was fast and testimony meeting. The primary president had invited the primary children to share their testimonies, Elais was really impressed by the testimonies of the primary children, he was raised catholic and it was really wonderful to him that even the children got the chance to share their testimonies. He still isn't 100% set on the whole getting baptized thing, but he agreed to setting a meta or a goal for the 26th of August. So we are going to work hard with him to help him meet that goal.

Anderson bore his testimony this Sunday. It was adorable. I may or may not have cried?  He is wonderful. His whole family. One of the great things is even though Andersons Dad had to go back to the Selva where there isn't a church he is still reading in his Book of Mormon. He sends text messages to his wife every day of scriptures that he likes and reminds her to read! I love it! I really just love this family.

Things with Hermana Lisarazo are still great. She is crazy but in a good way haha. We have lots of fun. She does odd things sometimes, like when I'm contacting, she will make up hand gestures for the things I'm describing. She also loves animals. EVERY ANIMAL we pass "OH QUE LINDO" Or in English its like "AAHH How cute!" It can be a nasty dog with a bleeding tumor (because here we don't kill our animals when they suffer we just let them wander the streets) and she will still look at it and find something positive to say haha. She thinks I'm heartless because I think that someone should put to sleep all the sick dogs in the street (or just all the dogs in the street in general) But it's funny and we joke a lot.

So how is life in the real world. Janae got married! My mom sent me a few pictures. She looks beautiful and extremely happy. I hear Bradi hasn't had her baby yet but should soon! What are you naming her? I haven't heard from a lot of you in a long time. Lima's post offices are all shut down for some odd reason, so I don't know if that's why or maybe you have all just forgotten about me haha. But if you have written me in the last month and haven't heard back from me you should try again. I would hate for anyone to think that I'm just not writing you back.

Well I better go. I've got some futbol to play! Whoot!
I love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

July 30, 2012

Hola Famila y Amigos!

So I know you are all dying to know about my new companion. . . . . SHES AWESOME. . . . . I love her! Seriously. I am so blessed. She is talkative and super fun. Very interesting, nothing like what you would expect from a sister missionary. Her name is Sandra Lisarazo. Hermana Lisarazo is from Tagna Peru. Her mission is in Mexico but because she doesn't have her visa yet, she is waiting her in our mission. She is 24 years old. She got baptized 4 years ago. Before her baptism she was hard core gothic. She has calmed down a bit but she is still pretty intense. She likes anime, and heavy metal. She has a lot of energy. We get along really well. If she went to Clearfield high shy would have been friends with Lacey and Taylor. She is that kind of awesome. We have lots of fun together but she is also a hard worker. She isn't afraid of talking to anyone. So we have been making a lot of improvement in our contacts. She really reminds me of a calmer version of Lacey. I have a feeling that when she wasn't a missionary she was probably more hyper like her. She is touchy feely, lots of hugs, lots of jokes. Basically I'm thrilled.

The work here in Santa Isabel is picking up. We are searching for people to teach. It's fun being with a new missionary cuz she has lots of energy and is really positive because she hasn't had her heart broken by investigators yet. Full of faith and ready to work. Training a missionary is a lot of work and responsibility, I think the added responsibility has been good for me. I've been more focused this week then I have ever been. I defiantly feel the weight of the whole area on my shoulders, but it's a good type of stress that keeps me working hard.

Sometimes I feel inadequate. It's kind of like when you let a little kid help you make cookies. The child has the best of intentions but their fumbling fingers make mistakes, they don't understand the recipe exactly but they are doing their best. Sometimes I feel like that's how I am with the missionary work and that God is watching me fumble around trying to do my best, and even though he could do it better himself he lets me figure things out because he knows that's the only way I will learn.Well I have to go. But I want you to all know I am happy! I love my new companion and my area. We are  working hard, searching for people who are ready to accept the gospel.

Oh wait one more thing. So my companions great grandpa was Chinese so she looks a little bit Chinese, so when we do contacts people obviously know I am from a different country but because she looks Chinese they think she is as well.

Ok the internet lady is getting mad at me,
Got to go!
Love you all! Till next week.
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart