April 26, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos!

WOW!!! Where is the time going! This week went by crazy fast. I feel bad for my companion we had to go to Lima twice again this week due to a choir practice and mission conference and with immigrations we might have to go again. It's frustrating because I only have a little bit of time left here as a missionary and I don't want to waste it in the Z Bus but what can you do. I just hope she is having a good mission experience. I worry I'm not teaching her enough. I'm just trying to ease her into everything. I remember my first months were SO overwhelming trying to do mission work and not understanding a thing. So I am really just trying to help her learn and give her a few small responsibilities. But then again I think I might be doing too much and when she gets her next companion it will be like a smack in the face. I just really want to ease her into everything.
Even though she claims that it's not happening, I think the culture shock is starting to set it. The way men treat us is REALLY bothering her. Not to mention how everything starts late ha-ha. She keeps saying she wants to buy a watch and I keep finding ways to not let her.  Maybe that is terrible but I know how North Americans are ha-ha. I know how I was and my watch breaking has been the greatest blessing because I have just learned to chill out . We are suppose to help the culture of the church change and get things started on time. But its poco a poco we can't change the whole culture of Peru over night.
Funny story of the week. Which might only be funny if you have lived in Peru. So side note. In Peru there are these people that have bicycles that have carts in front of them. Then they go around with a megaphones and sell the stuff they have in their carts. Some people sell fruits, tamales, recycled garbage ha-ha. But they all go around with mega phones shouting out what they are selling. So the other day someone passes by our house selling stuff like normal and I hear Hermana Bendixen shout from the other room, and she sounds scared. "Hermana Taggart! There is a man with a mega phone yelling at our house!" ha-ha I got a kick out of that. I'm just getting too use to Peru.

Oh yeah today made me laugh as well. Being with a new North American has shown me just how much I really have let myself go. She still puts on makeup everyday and spends time picking out what she is going to wear. Whereas I just put on whatever and I only put on makeup if I believe we will be taking pictures ha-ha.
I feel like the different between a North American with 2 weeks in the field and 18 months is best shown by what happened this morning. We left and then two seconds later we both realized we had to go back to the room because we had both forgotten something. She had forgotten her name tag . . .and I had forgotten to put on deodorant. Ha-ha I have really been here too long.  I've got to get myself back to the states and back to real life while there is still hope.

In other news my mom informed me that about 10 people got engaged this week! No worries that didn't make me trunky or anything. Man alive! But I'm super excited for everyone. I had a nightmare the other night that I came home from my mission and all my friends were in coffins, I told an Elder about it and he told me it's because subconsciously I know that all my friends have socially died ha-ha. Well I hope when I get home you all ditch your husband's for a night a revive yourselves socially.

All is well in our area. We are teaching a new girl names Gasmina. She is wonderful. She could possibly be ready for baptism before I go which would be exciting if she is. But I'm not going to rush her. I really don't like when people rush baptisms just to have one more number. For me every convert is a HUGE responsibility! I believe if we baptize people just to have one more baptism but they don't understand what they are doing or aren't ready to make the commitment that they are making and they fall always we as missionaries will be somewhat responsible for that. I just think it's a balance. For me the most important thing is that Gasmina gets baptized and stays an active member of the church, but if that happens before I leave or after doesn't matter to me.

We are also teaching a few young couples that are preparing to get married. It's the same thing. I might not get to see them get baptized but I'm happy that they are repenting, learning and growing spiritually. One day when they do get baptized they will be amazing strong families in the gospel.
I'm just trying to finish strong. Stay focused (which is hard at times) and teach my companion the ropes of missionary life.

All is well.
I will see you all VERY SOON!
Love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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