July 25, 2012


Zona De Santa Isabel

The district!

July 23, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos! Feliz Dia!!!

 Guess what! I'm getting a new companion!!! AAAHHH!!!! But you want to know what the scary thing is? She is a new missionary. Fresh out of the CCM! Only has three weeks in the mission. Which means I'm going to have all sorts of responsibility! AAHHH!!! I'm a little scared. I´ve always been the junior companion and now I have all the responsibility of being the senior companion plus I'm training someone.
I'm excited. My first Hija in the mission. I hope I can be as good of a trainer for this new missionary as Hermana Lema was for me. I'm going to do all that I possibly can.

This week was Maria's baptism. It was a really great experience. She is such an amazing women. I think the best thing is that she really understands that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about families. It all comes back to the family. I've also realized that the purpose of the Church is to help us apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our families and in our lives. I've always wondered why as a church we say the phrase "I know this Church is true." Really what does that phrase mean? I know I've said it before and really never thought about what I was saying, but now I think I know what it means, at least for me. When I say that I know the Church is true I am saying that I know that this Church is the Church God organized to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its most pure form. And this Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless our families both here on the earth and for the eternities. That's what I mean when I say that I know the Church is true.

Right now I'm just excited and scared for the new adventure of having a new companion. Right now in the area we don't have a whole lot of investigators that are progressing or can progress. We have a lot of finding and hard work to do. I'm excited though. It's going to be a new adventure.

I love you all!
Love Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

July 20, 2012

New Pictures

These are pictures in Mira Flores. It is beautiful

After another Service project moving rocks in el Cerro. That's a great thing about this area. Lots of chances to do service

Anderson and his family at his baptism

July 16, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

¿Que Tal? This week was good. Anderson got baptized. It was really great his whole family was there. I felt bad for him, the water was freezing. It took him 40 minutes to work up the courage to get dunked.

Right now we are preparing Maria for baptism and really working hard to find new people to teach. We haven't visited Ruben very much, he is really busy with work, which is sad because I really want to focus on Ruben.

I've been thinking about Peru lately and I think I found Five of the Basic things that make Peruvian culture. The 1st of which is Food. We take our food seriously here in Peru. They love to talk about food. Plus it is expected to eat homemade food, made from scratch every day. Every family has at least one Mom, Aunt or Grandma, that doesn't work. She stays home and spends the grand majority of the day going to the market to buy fresh grocers and then cooking for like 3 or 4 hours. (I'm not kidding.) Every day. So food here it's a big deal.
The 2nd thing that is really important here in Peru is Futbol, or Soccer. Everywhere, in every street every park, every parking lot there are Men young and old playing soccer. I hardly ever see kids playing in the streets with Toys or playing pretend, they are just playing soccer constantly. But the women here DO NOT play soccer. A girl playing soccer here is kind of like a girl playing FootBall in the States.
The 3rd thing that is huge here in Peru is Cheep Beer. Drinking, Drunks. Every weekend, every week day ha-ha. Its especially big with the men here. Which is one of the reasons it's hard to baptize Adult Men and keep them active.
The 4th thing that is really big in Peru is Catholicism. I've been on my mission for 8 months and I have only meet two people who didn't believe in God. The GRAND majority are catholic, but even those that aren't are heavily affected by Catholicism in their culture and their ideas of religion.
The 5th thing I think is big here is family. In one house you usually have the grandparents,   maybe two of their kids, and then their kids . It's really normal to send kids to live with their Aunts or Uncles or cousins. Because we are in Lima a lot of families from provincia will save up their money just to send one of their kids to live with a Aunt or Uncle in Lima so they can have more opportunities to study.

So there you have it, My personal opinion of the 5 major things that make up a Peruvian culture here in Lima. I realize that maybe in other areas its different. Lima is like the New York City of Peru. And I know that you can't judge All of the USA based on New York. The culture and life of someone in New York City is way different then my life in Utah ha-ha, and I'm sure that's how it is here as well.
Anyhow that's just a little info about Peru.

Life here is good. This month the Letters Pool has been a little dry. You haven't all forgotten about me have you ha-ha.

Love you all.
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

July 10, 2012


These are pictures of Cerro

July 9, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week went well. Anderson's Dad came into town. So Anderson is getting baptized TOMORROW! He is really excited. This Sunday his whole family was in church. It was really wonderful. His Dad is a good man, he just lost his way because it's not easy to be a member of the church. Men (especially in this culture) don't look highly upon someone who put church before futbol or who doesn't drink because of a moral choice. Sometimes I worry that the men here just don't get HOW IMPORTANT they are. Sometimes I wish I could sit all the inactive Dads down together and make them watch the priesthood sessions of conference. I just want to shout RISE UP AND BE MEN for heavens sacks. But like I said he is a good man, He wants his son to get baptized. It was really sweet, he looked at me and said I know he is young but I hope by getting baptized young and going to church all his life he will be able to be a better man than me.

Maria had a super spiritual experience. We have really been focusing on using the book of Mormon to help her settle all her doubts and fears, This week she was praying to know if she should get baptized and she had this experience. " I prayed and asked the Lord to give me a sign to know if I should get baptized. I remembered how you told me that the answers to my prayers are here (gesturing to the Libro de Mormon) So I opened it up to a random page and I opened to 3 Nephi Chapter 11 (in this chapter Christ comes to the Americas and the first thing he teaches is about the importance of baptism.) It was obvious that this was an answer to my prayer. I know the Lord wants me to get baptized."
I'm very excited for these two families. The Lord is really blessing them in their desires to do what's right. I'm happy that I get to be here and be a part of it.

As far as things go with my companion. . . they are about the same. Friday our zone had interviews with the President. I walked in, we said a prayer and then he looked at me and said "Hermana Taggart what is your secret?" I was confused so I asked for clarification. "This is the happiest I have seen Hermana Supo in her whole mission, what is your secret." Well that was shocking for me to here. I was dumbfounded. After moments of Silence I looked at him and said "She´s happy! How can you tell?" haha. We had a good chat. I was happy to hear that the positivity and patience is paying off, but I really hope that doesn't mean that I'm going to be expected to be positive and patient for more than 6 weeks. I'm not sure I have it in me to make it much longer.

How was your fourth of July? I spent my morning in the Cerro of Peru, but in the afternoon I got to see Hermana Lema, Both of our companions had to go to the doctor so I got to go work with her for a day in her area.

I really wish that we could be companions again. I love that we worked hard and played hard.
Anyhow that was about it for my week. I'm sorry these letters are getting boring. I'll try and find a way to zest them up a bit.

Love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

Miss You Like Crazy...

July 2, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos,

Another week come and gone. I'm feeling less pathetic then last week. This week was good. We are having lots of success with reactivating two families and preparing members of their families for baptisms. We are also trying to find more families to teach. Our mission is really pushing to find families and baptize families completos. Really it's much better that way. If we baptize just one person in a family it's a lot harder for them to stay active. Plus seeing as the family is central in the Plan of God and in the gospel of Christ we really should work harder with families.

Things with Hermana Supo. . .ha-ha . . . well they haven't changed but I am getting better at dealing with it. Tuesday I was having a woe is me day. She was "sick" again and I was able to leave and work with a member during the day but I couldn't find anyone to come with me at night, so I was stuck in the house. Feeling frustrated I decided to pray and then read my Ensign of the conference talks that my family had sent me. In my prayer I asked that something in the conference talks would give me the comfort I needed. Well I found what I was looking for but not exactly in the way I thought I would find it ha-ha. In a Talk by Henry B. Eyring called "Mountains to climb" he talks about the importance of trials in our lives and how they make us stronger. There was one part that really stood out to me it says "There is someone you can forgive, there is someone you can thank, there is someone you can serve and lift. You can do it Where ever you are and however alone and deserted you may feel." Wow. It was like a spiritual punch in the stomach. I'll be honest I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Thinking I'm in the Middle of Peru. My family and friends are a world away from me and I have no one to talk to. I felt pretty alone and deserted, but the Lord so kindly reminded me that the only thing that can make us feel better in our lives is to forget ourselves and serve others. Which I knew before reading the talk, but what I realized is that it's not just serving the people you want to serve but they people who are most difficult for you to serve as well.

So I am trying REALLY HARD to be a better person and a better companion. I remember when I got set apart as a missionary my stake president told me that my mission was to prepare me to be a better Wife, Mother and Church Leader. I guess If I want to be a better person I need to have a better attitude and learn from these mountains to climb. The Lord is giving me opportunities to improve myself. I should be thankful.

So that's about it for my life. I hope these emails are interesting ha-ha. I'll try to throw in more fun facts on culture and what not next week.

Love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart


We got a new north American the Last transfers. Hermana Bambrough. I feel like as north American hermanas we just have kind of an instant bond because we know what one another are going through with the new language new culture and everything
Hermana Supo

Last Day in San Felipe with Hermana Campbell and my favorite member Ana

Pictures from the service that week did in el Cerro

June 25, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos

This week was really good as far as the mission work goes. Ruben came to church! What now! And he LOVED it! It was a really great experience for him. He has desires to progress. We talked to his wife after church and she told us some of the comments that he had made. So during the conference one of the speakers talked about the importance of tithing and how we can't afford to not pay our tithing because we need the blessings from the Lord. After that talk Ruben leaned over to his wife and said that he wanted to start paying tithing . . . . ha-ha . . . it's not every day in the mission when someone tells you that they would like to start paying tithing. Basically I'm still really excited for him. He is such a good man with SO MUCH potential. I'm so excited for him.

This week we worked a lot with the menos activos and families where not everyone is members of the church. We were able to meet some great people with desires to learn more and come to church and we have two people who are currently preparing for baptisms.

As far as my week went . . . . personally . . . . well . . . . let's just say I could really use your prayers. My new companion is really testing me. Really the constant negativity and moments where she won't leave the house are obstacles but I kind of like the  chalenge of having to be positive. The thing that is killing me is that she won't talk to me. I mean seriously. Won't talk. I've tried every conversation under the sun, from the churchiest questions I could think of, down to the super trunky questions, Just anything to get her to talk to me. I wish I could say that she is just shy. I like shy people. I like the challenge of getting them to talk to me. Sadly that is not the case. . . .she just hates me ha-ha.
Really though the only thing that is phasing me is feeling super Lonely. We don't have Hermanas in our zone so there isn't even someone to talk to on Mondays, and I refuse to bother the Elders in our zone by talking about something as petty as the fact that my companion won't talk to me.
Thankfully I have the Lord. Seriously. Prayer is probably the only thing that has kept me calm. Any time I've felt like crying, yelling or slamming a door I just say a prayer. I know that the Lord never gives us anything that we can't handle and I believe that is true even down to companions, He will never give us a companion that we can't handle. . .

The good news is that she was a bit happier and we were able to leave the house and work every day.
I still feel really positive about the area. There is lots of potential. I'm just trying to believe that I can go six weeks without having some form of a freak out ha-ha.
But yeah. . . I'm trying not to be negative. That's just how my week was. But I'm sure things will get better.

Love Hermana Sadie Taggart