April 1, 2013

March 25, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week. . . oh this week. Mamma said they'd be weeks like this, they'll be weeks like this my mamma said ha-ha. Its fine sometimes there are just hard weeks in the mission. Berta went through a bunch of personal family problems this week and stopped reading and praying and blew us off for her baptismal interview so she didn't end up getting baptized. We finally found her Saturday. Like Hermana Anderson always said Satan is a Jerk. He knew Berta was happier than ever and all was going well and she would get baptized without a problem so he sent her drunken ex-husband to make everything complicated. But it will be fine. Mostly I just feel bad for her. The gospel isn't just for when times are going good. I felt bad for her because at the time  where she NEEDED the most help she pushed the Lord away. But she will be alright. She came to church and is feeling better now.

That was one really good thing about this week. Sunday EVERYONE came to church. Wow that was a tender mercy from the Lord after all the spiritual punches in the stomach Sunday was a tender mercy.
This week I learned a lesson. When you have a spiritual prompting. Write it down, or act on it immediately. When I was with Hermana Anderson we did a contact in a Taxi. Nothing spectacular. We were going to go visit her but then Hermana Andersons dad got sick and we went to Lima early and we never visited the contact. This last week there was like 5 times where this woman came= to my mind and I thought, yeah we will go visit her. Tomorrow we will go visit her. After this appointment we will go visit her, but then I would forget. FINALLY when we were planning on Wednesday night she came to my mind again. So I told my companion we HAD to go visit this women because she had came to my mind SO MANY TIMES. We  went and when we found her she says "Oh that's nice of you to come but yesterday the Elders knocked on our door. They visited us yesterday and are coming tomorrow."

This was one of the many spiritual punches of the week. I was happy that the Elders followed the spirit and were lead to this family, but I felt about two inches tall to know that the Lord had to send someone else because I hadn't paid attention to a spiritual prompting, but it's alright. It's something to learn from.

Tomorrow I reach 17 months in my mission! It's crazy! I can't believe it.
Basically all is well. This week was tough, but its o.k. When you have a bad week that means that the next week even if it is just good,  will seem great in comparison ha-ha.

I love you all.
Love Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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