July 10, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos

This week was really good as far as the mission work goes. Ruben came to church! What now! And he LOVED it! It was a really great experience for him. He has desires to progress. We talked to his wife after church and she told us some of the comments that he had made. So during the conference one of the speakers talked about the importance of tithing and how we can't afford to not pay our tithing because we need the blessings from the Lord. After that talk Ruben leaned over to his wife and said that he wanted to start paying tithing . . . . ha-ha . . . it's not every day in the mission when someone tells you that they would like to start paying tithing. Basically I'm still really excited for him. He is such a good man with SO MUCH potential. I'm so excited for him.

This week we worked a lot with the menos activos and families where not everyone is members of the church. We were able to meet some great people with desires to learn more and come to church and we have two people who are currently preparing for baptisms.

As far as my week went . . . . personally . . . . well . . . . let's just say I could really use your prayers. My new companion is really testing me. Really the constant negativity and moments where she won't leave the house are obstacles but I kind of like the  chalenge of having to be positive. The thing that is killing me is that she won't talk to me. I mean seriously. Won't talk. I've tried every conversation under the sun, from the churchiest questions I could think of, down to the super trunky questions, Just anything to get her to talk to me. I wish I could say that she is just shy. I like shy people. I like the challenge of getting them to talk to me. Sadly that is not the case. . . .she just hates me ha-ha.
Really though the only thing that is phasing me is feeling super Lonely. We don't have Hermanas in our zone so there isn't even someone to talk to on Mondays, and I refuse to bother the Elders in our zone by talking about something as petty as the fact that my companion won't talk to me.
Thankfully I have the Lord. Seriously. Prayer is probably the only thing that has kept me calm. Any time I've felt like crying, yelling or slamming a door I just say a prayer. I know that the Lord never gives us anything that we can't handle and I believe that is true even down to companions, He will never give us a companion that we can't handle. . .

The good news is that she was a bit happier and we were able to leave the house and work every day.
I still feel really positive about the area. There is lots of potential. I'm just trying to believe that I can go six weeks without having some form of a freak out ha-ha.
But yeah. . . I'm trying not to be negative. That's just how my week was. But I'm sure things will get better.

Love Hermana Sadie Taggart

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