May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

This week has good. I have a few crazy stories for you all but first let's start with the spiritual stuff so you don't all think I'm a bad missionary ha-ha. This week was really good. We had a bunch of new investigators come to church for the first time. I was so impressed with our ward. They were really welcoming. They made sure they felt welcomed and it was a really great experience for them. I really am thankful for the members here in San Felpie. They really understand the importance of their example as members of the church. It makes missionary work so much easier! We are teaching a women named Liliana with her two daughters. She is amazing. So humble. I've come to realize that humility really is probably one of the greatest qualities a person can have. When we acknowledge  that we need the Lord in our lives and are ready to receive  his help and guidance the spirit really can work miracles with us. It's become my goal to be more humble as a missionary, because if humble investigators make the best converts then I bet humility makes missionaries the best they can be.

Anyhow that's my spiritual story, now let's talk about the fact that I just about got robbed this week and it was HILARIOUS!
So Wednesday my companion had to do something with her visa so I got to go on e splits with Hermana Bailey, then that night around 8ish we had to take a bus home. The busses at this hour are crazy full because everyone is going home from work. We waited forever to find a bus that was headed for our area. Finally we found one. It was tiny and crazy busy but at 8 at night we couldn't really afford  to be picky. So we cram into the bus. It's so crowded that we can hardly get on. We are basically standing right in front of the door.. Since it was so crazy crowded I decided I would switch my back pack to the front of me, so I have my back pack in my left hand and am trying to put my photos in my bag so I can have two hands. What I didn't realize is the man who had just came on to the bus had grabbed a hold of the tassel of my bag. I thought it was strange because he got on and then almost 30 seconds later was pushing the button to get off. All of the sudden about 5 people on the bus start shaking their fingers at me, saying stuff really fast that I wasn't understanding. This women who is sitting on the floor of the bus starts tapping me and is saying "No" "No" and I really was just super confused. So the bus starts to stop for this man to get off and they lady sitting on the floor GRABS MY BAG and holds on to it for dear life. Like it's her child or something. The man that is trying to get off the bus looks at her and she just tells him calls him a drunk and a thief. So he books it. Meanwhile I am just super confused. I'm thinking that this women is trying to rob me which is just ridiculous because she is sitting on the floor of the bus, what's she going to do ha-ha. Once the bus doors closed she handed my bag back to me and then her and the five other wonderful people on the bus explained what they had saw. Basically this women saved me from getting robbed. I was really impressed. The Lord really does watch out for us. I'm thankful that we were on the bus with such wonderful people.

I think the thing I found most hilarious about the situation is that the only thing I had in my backpack  was my scriptures and 10 centimos. Which is basically like 5 cents. I think the robber really would have been quite disappointed ha-ha. Really though it made for a funny experience. Hermana Campbell didn't notice what was going on till after. Cuz it really happened in about a 30 second period so afterwards she asks me ¿Que paso? or what happened. I looked at her and in English replied. "I just about got robbed."

Something else I think I should mention, why didn't anyone tell me Whitney Houston died! I feel like that is something Courtney probably should have mentioned in one of her letters with random pop culture updates! The other day we were walking and for some reason or another " I wanna dance with somebody" popped into my head. I started singing it and then my companion informed me that Whitney Houston died. . . months ago. . . Man I am seriously behind.

O.k. one more funny thing. Or at least I think it's funny. Last week we were in church having a lesson about Oracion. Prayer. And we were talking about the importance de prayer for our leaders and what not and then one of the women in our ward raises her hand and informs us that Mitt Romney will be running for president against Obama (sad that people in Peru know more about what is happening in the politics of the US then I do. Yes.) Then she adds that we should pray for him since he is a Mormon. HA HA, You got to love it. They know nothing about his political stance or anything, but they know he's  a Mormon. So if he ends up winning I'm going to claim that it was the prayers of all the righteous members here in Peru.

Anyhow. . . I think that's about all I have for this week. Today is a fake p day. We only get to write home and then it's back to work because this Wednesday we get to go to the temple.
I hope you are all doing well. I got a bunch of letters from some amazing friends last week. So I'm working like crazy on writing you awesome people back.

Love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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