May 7, 2012

April 30, 2012


So first things first . . . Hermana Lema and I are getting split up! I'm super sad. Honestly. I was really hoping we would get one more cambio together but I could feel that we weren´t going to. I'm getting transferred to a new area. San Felipe. My new companion is a North American. Crazy! There are only six north American Hermanas in my mission and I am getting put with one of them. I have heard nothing but good about her, and all the Latinos say that she has the best Spanish of any of the North Americans so hopefully she can help me with mine. I get worried that being put with a North American we will just speak English all the time and my Spanish will start sucking, but I'm sure it will all be o.k.

I feel bad for getting transferred. I really do. Right now missionary work in Antares is a lot like running up hill. You have to run twice as hard just to keep up the same pace. Hermana Lema is getting put with another North American that has less time in the mission then I do. Please keep her in your prayers. Hermana Lema is an amazing missionary and if anyone can make a difference in an area like Antares it's her.

This week was good and bad. We had another baptism fall through which is always really difficult! Her family was really unsupportive and put a lot of fear into her mind. But I believe Mishell with get baptized. It's just going to take a lot of faith and a lot of time.

So it's been a while since I have shared a Spanish mix up story. So the weather is finally starting to change here in Lima but it's crazy. The afternoons are still super hot but the nights are really cold. The other night we were walking around and I was freezing so I tried to say to Hermana Leman "I want a jacket." "Yo quiero una chompa." But what I actually said was " Yo quiero un chupon" Which means "I want a hickey." . . .. Well needless to say Hermana Lema was a little surprised, but then again I´ve never been shy when it comes to talking about boys so she just laughs and tells me that I am trunky and that I just have to wait one year more. Well I don't realize that I've made this mistake so I keep going. Saying how I want a "chupon" right now, cuz I think that's how you say jacket. . .. And I can't figure out why she keeps calling me trunky . . . finally Hermana Lema just burst into laughter cuz she realizes what I am trying to say. . . . Yeah you know. . .

This week I reached my six month mark! Crazy! I´ve been thinking about how these past six months have changed me. Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Physically. Somehow I still weigh less than I did when I started my mission. Not sure how cuz we eat SO MUCH in Peru. My hair . . . well I think I have about half the hair I had when I started my mission. (Something they should tell you before you serve a mission in Peru is that the water here is terrible for your hair.) My hair has also gotten bleached from being in the sun everyday and it looks like I have blonde highlights.

Mentally: My idea of clean has changed. It's kind of like when you are camping and you are just ok with being dirty and having things be dirty cuz you are camping. Well that's the mentally that I have pretty much every day but it's more like. It's ok that it's dirty, I'm dirty and everything is dirty cuz I'm in Peru ha-ha.

Spiritually: I am truly thankful for the time that I have here to grow spiritually. I've learned a lot about patience faith and love. But I think the biggest change spiritually I've had is over all I have a lot more trust for the lord then I did before my mission. I had a testimony before my mission, but now I have a trust and admiration for just how perfect Gods plan for us is.

So that's about it for my life.
Two weeks till Mothers Day!
Next week Ill have stories from a new area and a new companion! CRAZY!
I love you all!
Love Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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