April 19, 2012


So something they should have told me about a mission is that teaching families requires a lot of things to entertain children. Sometimes I feel like I'm a primary teacher. I made a the matching game but with the commandments to help keep our investigators children interested during our lessons

Hermana Lema doubted my game so I made her play with me and she ended up having a great time

Ricardo's Baptism

Kervin 's Baptism

Me and Moises! Moises is the little Brother of Dayne. He has down syndrome and is an absolute riot! He loves Justin Bieber music. The other day I started singing baby to him and now she is my new best friend. Whenever he sees me he starts says "Chica Chica!!!" and he will start singing "Baby baby baby Oh!!" Its adorable!

Hermana Lema reached one year on her mission so we celebrated with Ice cream. I take a lot of pride in this pictures because I can never get Hermana Lema to take silly faced pictures I am always trying to force her to do it and this time she did it without me even asking! Little by little I'm breaking her out of her shell ha-ha

The ocean near Miraflores

We found a dead crab! Perfect name tag picture opportunity

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