April 19, 2012

March 29, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Another week come and gone here in Peru. This week was good. Somewhat stressful but good. We had two ward activities this week that bombed. . . which for me was SUPER sad. You all know how I am about parties. Not to boast, but I throw some darn good parties, and I know if I had the time and the resources we could have some killer ward activies. But without help from our ward and without a ward mission leader. . . it's really tough.

One thing I never knew before serving a mission was how much of my mission would be about strengthening the ward. I just thought we would baptize people and the ward would be waiting there with open arms ready to bring them in . . . and perhaps in some areas that's how it is ha-ha, poca a poca we are getting there with our ward. It's just tough. But we will get there. Antares has great members. Once we can get them unified they will be even better.

So remember that Moves like Jager song that was popular and super over played in the states before my mission. . . well it just hit Peru. . . Ugh down every road, every car the passes by. I got them moves like Jager. Over and Over again. Sadly I have to relive that song getting over played haha.

Today was Pday where we got to leave our area. We got permission to go to Mira Flores which is basically like Gringolandia. It's a touristy area by the beach. Seriously I am just as bad as the people from Peru, I was just staring at them all. I forgot how many white people in the world there are and how different they all look haha. It was super weird to be in a touristy area. They had American food, the buildings were different, there were white people. It was weird but I felt super out of place. It was fun to see the ocean and go bowling, but by the end of the day I wanted to go back to my home in Antares. I never thought I would feel at home in that place but today I felt home sick, but for my area. Crazy ha-ha

Someone from the states was telling me a bit about the elections. Must admit I would really like to get updated on that. I wonder how its effecting state side missionaries to have a member of the church running for office. Crazy. Courtney if you are reading this I'm waiting for my political update!

Basically this week was really good. We have two baptisms coming up on the fourteenth of April. One of them is a 19 year old named Kebin. He really wants to make a difference in people's lives and help them come closer to Christ. Our first lesson with him he told us he wanted to serve a mission. Wow ha-ha. How about Baptism first. He is excited. He came with us to general conference and he has a really good friend that is a returned missionary. Really the best missionaries are the ones without plaques. Members make the BIGGEST difference.

I think that's about all for this week.
Happy Easter.
Love Hermana Taggart

PS. Did you all listen to that conference talk where that one guy said to write missionaries. Yeah follow the counsel of your church leaders! I will be waiting for my letters. Love you all! Bye!

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