April 19, 2012

Easter Letter

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Happy Easter. Easter in Peru wasn't really all the different than any other day. That's kind of how missions are. The only difference was Thursday night pretty much everyone was getting wasted to celebrate the start of Semana Santa or Holy Week. For me the concept of getting drunk to remember Christ suffering for us seems a bit odd. . . but yeah.

I explained to Hermana Lema what we usually do for Easter. Coloring Eggs and Easter Egg hunts. It was all really weird to her ha-ha. After I explained it all she just asked me what Eggs have to do with Jesus. In her culture for Easter they cook a huge lunch and all go eat at the cemetery, then the leave a bunch of food on the graves for the spirits of their ancestors to come eat. It's funny how I think coloring eggs is just a normal thing and she thinks picnicking in a graveyard is normal. You have to love those culture differences ha-ha.

We are still doing good. Just doing our best here in Antares. We have plans for four baptisms this month. We will have to see. I get nervous when I don't feel like our investigators really understand the importance of the change that they are making in their lives.

It really is a huge change. The norms for the world and for the church are really different. This can make it really hard for our converts. That's why they need a lot of help, love and support from the church members because without that support they will go back to their old life and old ways.

I'm going to make this email short cuz I have lots of photos I want to send.
I hope that I will be hearing from you all really soon.
Love Always Hermana Sadie Taggart

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