March 30, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hola Amigos y Familia! Que tal!

All is well here in Peru. I know you are all dying to know if Hermana Lema or I got transferred.. . . . . .  WE DIDNT!! I was so excited! We are the only companionship in our whole zone who didn't. I'm really happy because this week we have made great progress with Richard and Erika! We had a lesson with them yesterday where we finished off the commandments. We were just about to set a baptism date when her parents came over. They are bien Catholicos so the mood was a little awkward after that. But we have another lesson with them on Tuesday and I have faith everything will go well. Richard said the closing prayer and in it he thanked the Lord for the opportunities to learn more about his commandments so that they could prepare for baptism. His words not mine.

I have a really good feeling about April. I know that we have been given 6 more weeks here together for a reason. We just have to put our all into it to make sure we complete our purpose here.
Since the whole zone got changed up we have a bunch of new missionaries here. It was sad to see some of the Elders go. We lost three really funny Elders and got three really serious Elders. It's all good, they are all good guys. But I will miss the crazy doings of our old District.

Missions are interesting, the mission really has a culture to it, a different language and everything.  It's funny how it becomes your life. When I used to go running in the mornings I would day dream about home, and about what life would be like after my mission, (I'm not trunky everyone does it ha-ha) but now it's harder and harder to think about life outside of the mission. When I day dream I am thinking about future lessons, future areas, future companions. My mission is taking over my mind!!
Like I said Missions come with a different language as well. I don't  mean Spanish I mean mission talk. For example in our mission if a Girl in the ward, or an investigator is really flirty with the Elders she is called a Snake. Because she's trying to tempt the Elders. Trunky... I think everyone knows that one. That's when your mind is in our house and your want to pack your bags in our trunk and go.
Your sense of humor also gets heavily effected by your mission, You find yourself quoting scriptures to make jokes. . .
No wonder people come home so socially awkward after two years of this ha-ha.

Today I have 5 months on my mission! Crazy! Time is going by super fast, but then again the fact that  I am slowly forgetting music, pop culture and English makes me feel like I have been gone forever.

Basically all is well. Life is good. I'm happy. I think sometimes it surprises me how happy I am.  I don't know if that is terrible to think, but really a mission isn't the easiest thing. People slam doors in your face, investigators break your heart, its hot, and the food makes me sick. But I really haven't been this type of happy in my entire life. It's an odd type of happy. Every day you know why you are here, you have purpose, not only do you have a purpose but you have the greatest purpose ever which is bringing people closer to Christ. Heavenly Fathers purpose is to bring immortality and eternal life to all of his children, and when you are a missionary you spend all day every day doing that and when you really get to see people progress it just makes you happy.

So that's about it for my life. I didn't take any fun pictures this week but today for Pday we are making Pancakes as a zone. (A couple of the Elders heard about my grill and were envious ha-ha) So I am sure there will be some fun pictures for next week.

I love you all! Can't wait to get your letters cuz I know all those friends and family members who I haven't heard from yet are just writing super long letters ha-ha.
Love you! Hermana Sadie Taggart

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