March 15, 2012


So anyone who knows me knows how I am when I have a craving for something specific. I do anything possible to get what I am craving. I've been known to call people at all hours of the night to go to Denny's with me because I was craving pancakes. . . well for about two months now I have been craving pancakes!  Every morning we would eat our rolls that our Pensionista gives us and my heart would break a little because all I wanted . . . was pancakes. So. . . . I did something a little drastic . . . and with my personal money . . . I bought a little grill so that we could make our own breakfast instead of eating rolls like we have been for the past two months! And you know what I made! PANCAKES!!
I have never really liked cooking but it has been a blast to have this little personal grill, every morning we make something different for breakfast! It's basically been the most exciting part of my whole week ha-ha. PANCAKES!!!

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