March 25, 2012

March 19, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos! Que Tal?

So this week I have some stories.
First of all last P Day I got the opportunity to experience what it's like to be sick in a foreign country. . . .ha-ha. . . .So last P Day one of the Hermanas wanted to eat "real Peruvian food". She's from a providence and she insisted that the food in Lima isn't real. . .so we went to eat at some restaurant that has the type of food that they eat in the mountains here. . . . I don't remember what it was called but we ate this plate that had fried bananas, pork skins, onions, mystery meat and then some kind of chilly sauce. . . so I ate it. . . it was weird but nothing that I couldn't down. 30 minutes later we were in our apartment with the Hermanas just chilling and BAM I got hit by the biggest wave of nausea and stomach pains. I have had stomach pain since I have been here but this was just ridiculous. So Hermana Roldan from Peru says that she knows something that will take away my nausea. . . she takes my hair out of my pony tail, and I am just helplessly curled up in a ball not knowing what is going on, and she takes a chunk of my hair and pulls on it as hard and she can. . . yeah. . . not sure how that was suppose to help me ha-ha. Pretty sure all it did was made me want to say bad words. She did it like 5 times, pulling on my hair as hard as she could. . . Yeah . .. . And then a member in our ward calls us to see what we are going for P Day (sometimes the members will come play volleyball with us on P Day).  Hermana Lema tells her we aren't going to leave the apartment because I'm sick. . . .well about ten minutes later we hear someone yelling to our window HERMANAS. Its Dayne from our ward, and she has some kind of medicine to make me feel better. . . all I could think was oh great what now ha-ha. The last thing I wanted when I felt nauseated was to drink something else that would make me feel nauseated. . . but I drank it cuz I am a push over and I can't say no to anyone. . . She was so funny when she came in, she asked what I ate and when my companion told her she gasped and looks at here and says "What are you trying to do, kill the gringo!" Or "what are you trying to do kill the white girl"
All and all the hair pulling and gross drinks did me no good. Thankfully I was only sick till I got the food out of my system and then I was fine. . . . But I learned my lesson. No more "real Peruvian food" for me.

The rest of the week was good, This Saturday was Sheylas baptism. It was a really beautiful experience, her brother Carlos came and watched and afterwards he was asking a lot of questions. He always asks lots of questions but normally he wants to know if God created aliens and random off topic things like that. But after her baptism he asked really sincere questions. He wants to start receiving the lessons. Which is exciting. It's fun to be here to see how little by little the lord is working with this family.

I find out this afternoon if I get another 6 weeks here in Antares with Hermana Lema or if I am getting transferred or getting a new companion. . . I'm am so nervous! I will let you all know what happens next week.

Basically that was my week. Things are going good here. We are just trying to do all we can to help reactivate our ward and bring people the gospel. I'm happy, healthy, and feeling good about life. I'm really thankful for all the support I have at home!

I love you all! Till next week!
Hermana Sadie Taggart

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