March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Life here in Peru is going great! I am learning a lot about faith. We are making progress with a lot of our investigators. Richard came to church this Sunday!! WHOOT!! My exciting news for this week is that Zorydas daughter has started taking the lessons! What a miracle. When we first met Shela she wouldn't leave her room if we were there. Her mom would say things like come listen to the  Hermanas lesson and she just shout NO!!  Then little by little we were able to get to know here. She was listening to Grease one day and her mom was asking her to turn it down and she wouldn't. I went back and talked to her a bit about the musical because I grew up with it.  She was impressed that I knew all the words and we laughed talked a bit and then she turned down her music so we could teach her mom the lesson. Little by little she would come out of her room and listen to our lessons, but when we would teach her stuff she would throw in things like. Maybe your God loves you, but mine doesn't. It was always tu dios no mi dios. But after Zorydas baptism Shela noticed a change in her mom. She was more loving, had more patience and was over all a better person. Then on Friday we did service for their family and helped them move into their new apartment. The elders helped a TON!! Shela was really happy that we helped because if we hadn't it would have just been her and her brothers because her dad left . . .and yeah. . . anyhow after the service she told her mom she wanted to start taking the lessons because she thinks she wants to get baptized!

We started teaching her this week. She is wonderful. She asks questions that are real and sincere. Really it's amazing to see how little by little the Lord works with people and prepares them for the Gospel. I am so thankful for Zoryda and her example that she has set for her Hijos!

Cambios are coming up this month. I am really scared! Please pray that I get another six weeks with Hermana Lema. I love working with her, she is a hard worker, and I know that I might not get as lucky with my next companion, so I just pray that I get as much time with her as possible. Plus it would be terrible to leave Shela, Richard and Erika when we have come so far with them!

OK  random fact about Peru. . . . apparently in this country. . . they don't flush their toilet paper!! GROSS!!! Seriously! I always wondered how our garbage can in the bathroom got full so fast. . . I just though Hermana Lema blew her nose a lot. . . . Yeah. . . now I understand why our bathroom always stinks ha-ha. Honestly I don't care how they do things here. Toilet paper goes in the toilet, hence the name toilet paper. I'll eat chicken hearts and wash my clothes by hand, but my toilet paper is going in the toilet and that's just how it's going to be.

I love you all! I'm really happy, doing great. I miss you all, that's really the only sad thing. But I know I am were I am supposed to be.
Love you all.                                                                      
Hermana Sadie Taggart

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