February 1, 2012

More Pictures

So my Mom taught me not to eat Krap. I found these at a street store and thought it was hillarious, Minni Kraps haha. They are crackers here but I thought you might think it was funny. This photo is from today, just me reminding you all that I love you!!!

Cynthia and her fried Dayan

A bunch of the young girls in the ward supporting Cynthia at her baptism

This is my zone

It only took us two weeks to down that peanut butter. The peanut butter in Peru is different and gross so we really enjoyed the Skippy

Hermana Lema is from  Ecuador they wear these dresses on special occasions.  She said her family would love to see us together in these. It's not every day you see a tall white girl in one of these ha-ha

When you tie the skirt to have a lot of white showing it is an even stronger indication that you are looking for a husband! HAHA. I love it! At all the parties you can tell who wants to be left alone and who wants to date based on how they wear this dress

So since I got to wear her favorite outfit I let here wear mine ha-ha. It's a tad bit too big for her ha-ha

The Blue shawl on my head is wore in different ways. Usually women who are grandmothers wear  their shall in this fashion

I blame this women for any weight I have gained. Hermana Gastalo and Her husband. Can you see how much food is one those plates!! Seriously !!

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