February 1, 2012

January 15, 2012

Hello Family and Friends!
Greetings from a super frumpy Hermana in Peru. . . Yes its true with every passing day I am getting more and more frumpy. I'm pretty much rocking the super hip sister missionary side braid every day. Make up is only for special occasions and either Peru is starting to smell better or I am starting to smell worse ha-ha. Oh and I am pretty sure I am getting fat. . . I am trying not to . . . but there is this thing. The veil of ugly. I believe  its placed upon all us sister missionaries to keep the cat calls and glances to a minimum ha-ha. When I come home someone needs to be assigned to help me unfrumpify, but until then, I am just accepting it.

The work is going good. Cynthia's baptism is this week! I can't wait. She has a strong testimony and lots of friends in the church, which is good. Friends in the church makes the odds of her staying active better. She has a strong testimony, but so do a lot of our inactive ward members. They know the Gospel, they just don't understand the importance of living the gospel. We visit a lot of inactives and we try to get that point across.

We are teaching a new couple, Erica and Richard. Their cousins are members and they see the happiness in their lives so they asked to start meeting with the missionaries. That's what you want to happen. It's so nice to meet with people who are excited for the next time you will come to visit, instead of feeling like you are pulling teeth trying to get people to listen to you. I hope they keep up the progress they are making. It would be great to bring a couple into the gospel.

If we aren't teaching then we are contacting. Which is walking the streets and knocking doors looking for people to teach. This isn't my favorite thing, it's hot and people aren't that excited to hear from you, but contacting never fails to give some interesting experiences.

Like the other day when we were contacting, this little old women saw me from her window and came running out and starting kissing me on the cheek and calling me an angel. She obviously had really bad dementia, it made me sad, but we talked to her for a while. She was super sweet and super out of it.

Oh and then one night we were walking down the street and honestly I wasn't even comfortable being on this street, there were lots of drunk men and we were power walking it. I see this little girl about 3 or 4 years old all by herself on the road. She saw us and came running over and said. ¨Help me I don't know where my mommy is!¨AAHHH!!! Broke my heart. We were able to walk with her to a main road and from there she knew where her house was. Her mom didn't even notice she was gone. I was glad we were there. I would never let my niece and nephews be alone in that environment that's for sure.

Um what else. . .
I am falling in love with Latin music. I have to work hard to keep my hips under control when we walk past a house with Awesome music. There is no such thing as a noise ordinance here, so they just play their music as loud as they want ha-ha.

Life is going good. My Spanish is still terrible but I am understand a lot more. I just can't speak back without sounding like an idiot ha-ha. But It will get there.

I love you all! I miss you! But I am doing well!
Love Always!! Hermana Sadie Taggart

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