February 1, 2012

January 23, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

First a story from my week that I hope will make you smile. First the background information. Hermana Lema and I have been together for almost a month now, but the communication barrier has made the getting to know you process really slow. So when we walk from appointment to appointment if we aren't talking about the next lesson or the gospel, we ask get to know you questions. Now it's my opions that in the nine months Hermana Lema has somewhat lost her ability to socialize normally because most of the time,  her get to know you questions sound more like baptismal interview questions. For example I will ask. What did you study before you went on your  mission, or what kind of music do you like? Hermana Lema will ask things like "Have you ever had a problem with the word of wisdom?" or my favorite "How has keeping the law of chastity blessed your life?" ha-ha. Anyways now my story.

So we are walking the other day and Hermana Lema asks me (in Spanish obviously) if I think something, but I didn't understand the word. Hermana Lema knows a tiny bit of English so she thinks really hard and puts together the sentence in English. "You like Beer?" . . . . so I am thinking this is another one of her strange get to know you slash baptismal interview questions haha. So I respond "No" then just to be funny I ask "Do you like beer?" and she responds "Oh Si Me Encanta Beer!" or basically yes I love Beer! And she is speaking in Spanish except the word beer. So I am confused right. I am thinking maybe she means before her mission of before she converted or something so I ask " Before your mission" and she says. "No I love the beer here in Peru. I love to look out the window every morning and see the Beers!" So now I am concerned and confused ha-ha. So I ask her "Hermana Lema what do you think beer means" She looks around points at a pigeon and says "Beer!" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA So I explained that, that was a Bird and then I kicked an empty beer bottle on the ground and told her that, that was beer. HAHAHAHAHAHA she was so mortified that she had been saying that she liked Beer. HAHAHAHA Basically made my week, I hope that story makes you smile.

This week was GREAT!! Cynthia got baptized!! It was a wonderful experience. She was so excited. She just kept telling me how excited she was to change, to be a better persona and leave her old self behind!! AAHH!! If only everyone had the desire to be better like she does. On Sunday she got called to be first counselor in the young women's presidency. She was shocked! First Sunday as a member and she gets a calling ha-ha. I am so excited for her Young Women.  She is the best and I know she will do great with them!! AAHHH!! I just can't even explain how excited I am for her.

Other than that this week's lessons and contacting had good moments and bad moments.
My Spanish is still Terrible but people are starting to understand me more and more every day. So that is exciting.

Life is good. I LOVE being here. I love our ward and the members. I love teaching lessons. The only thing that really gets me down is when we teach people and they believe what we say but they don't see the importance of changing their lives. How do you teach desire? How do you teach change? Really what it comes down to is how do you teach Faith?

I ask myself that a lot!
I love you! I hope you are all doing well. My Zone leader tells me I have lots of letters this week. Guess my blog begging must have worked ha-ha. Thanks for your love and support!

Love Hermana Sadie Taggart

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