February 20, 2013

February 18, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos! Estän listos por un milagro!

This week was an amazing week. We went out and did work visits which were really fun. You know, I really like making calls. They make me work harder. I'm excited. Doing work visits is really fun. I love getting to know all the Hermanas and all the areas. I learn from what they are doing and it also pushes me to work harder and do all that I know how to do because people are looking up to me. So this week we worked with the Hermanas in El Olivar. Worked hard and ended the day with Ice Cream and Ex Boyfriend stories ha-ha (it was valentines day after all.)

But the real story from this week is about Alfunzo! We have been working with him and every lesson has been SO SPIRITUAL! He has been progressing but the only thing he lacked was prayer. He just wouldn't pray to ask the Lord if this really is the true church.

Well Saturday we found out that Hermana Andersons Dad is sick and needs a Heart Operation ASAP. He wants her to come home as soon as possible so that she can be there. So she is going home a week early. Which means she wouldn't get to see Alfunzos baptism on Saturday.
So last night we went to teach Alfunzo. We watched the Joseph Smith movie. The long one. I remember that for my Dad, it really helped him know that Joseph was a true prophet of God, when he seen the suffering and persecution he had to endure. Afterwards we read parts of Alma 22 and invited him to get on his knees and ask the Lord if it was all true. He did. He prayed and the spirit was SO STRONG! After he finished praying we all just stayed there on our knees. I looked at him and he just smiled with tears in his eyes and nodded his head yes. I asked him Alfunzo, Is it true. And he said "Yes. I can feel it." Then I invited him to change his baptism for this Tuesday (Hermana Andersons last morning in Chancay.) He was a bit surprised at the change, but he accepted. He wants us both there.

The Lord answers prayers. I have begged and prayed that the Lord would help us find at least one person so that Hermana Anderson could go out baptizing and he did.
Alfunzo's family have been praying for 16 years that his heart would be softened and it has.
I'm so excited for tomorrow. This isn't just a baptism, this is an eternal family.
So Alfunzo is getting baptized tomorrow in the Morning. Then we are heading back to Lima so that Hermana Anderson can say goodbye to her converts, buy stuff for her family ect. and then Friday I will be coming back to Chancay with someone new. Who knows who. I feel a little guilty that I won't be able to work all week. But it's also going to be a blast to do all the fun end of your mission stuff with Hermana Anderson! PARTY!

That's about it for my life. We have some great people that we are teaching and March is looking like it's going to be a great month! I'm going to follow Hermana Andersons good example and go out working hard. I want to see more miracles before May comes along!

Love Always!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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