February 6, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hola Amigos y Familia,

Another week here in Chancay. I'll be honest this week was one of those tough ones. We are teaching an AMAZING girl named Treysi. We meet her when we contacted her and her parents. They all agreed to listen to us but when we came the parents didn't want to but they wanted us to teach their daughter so we did. She didn't believe in God, or she just wasn't sure. She hadn't had positive experiences in her Church and just didn't feel like she had ever had a spiritual experience. We started teaching her and she did everything we asked her to do. She read,  prayed and it a few short weeks yeah she had her answer. Every time we have come to teach her we try and teach the whole family we always set up the next appointment with her mom to be SURE that they will listen as well but they never will. Well now Treysi wants to get baptized and her mom is freaking out and won't let her come to church because she thinks we worship Joseph Smith and all this insane crap that she would no isn't true if she would just LISTEN TO US!!! The last time we went to teach Treysi her mom lied and told us she wasn't there, but we had just spoken with Treysi and knew her mom was lying. Poor Treysi, she REALLY knows that his is true. I know I talked once about being nervous about baptizing teenagers without their parents because they go inactive and what not, but Treysi really has a testimony she keeps all of her appointments,  all of them! Her parents make me so mad, but its fine. We told them that we wanted to come and watch a movie about Jesus and that we were going to bring cookies from the united states (yes we have stooped so low as to bake them cookies just so they will listen to us) Hopefully they will, I know if they just listen and see that we are Christians and we don't do anything weird and we try to live a Christ like life style they will be fine.

Other down side of this week was the grossest service I have ever done. I have moved heavy rocks, sand, painted houses, built houses, but this week we offered to help someone clean up their house, they accepted which shocked me because no one ever accepts help with house work, so we show up and the women literally has 300 socks that she can't find the matches to and they are all DIRTY nasty futbol socks, so we rummaged around in dirty socks and underwear then after an hour we had found all we could and we got up and she says oh yeah I have one bucket more and comes down with the other 150 socks! YUCK!!!!! I think instead of washing her socks she has just been buying new ones, wears them like five time and then throws them into a basket. It was gross. I kept telling myself that if Christ were here he would do it. Washing dirty feet and sorting dirty socks is pretty similar right ha-ha.

So my Sister is sending me a countdown of how much time I have left. I'm not trying to get trunky or anything but oh my! I have 15 months in the mission. In just a few months I get to see you all again! You all better believe that Autumn and I have already started planning a Peruvian Party for the first week when I get home! It's going to be a blast! Clear your calendars now!

Well I love you all! Thanks for all your love and support!
Love Sadie

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