February 20, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos!

What a crazy week. Good news is that we have two people preparing for baptism on the 23rd! Whoot, bad news is its still really up in the air. I pray that all will go well. Obviously the most important reason is because baptism is necessary for their salvation, but also because the 23rd is Hermana Andersons last Saturday in the field and I REALLY want her to finish her mission baptizing and happy as can be.
She doesn't want to go home. Which makes me feel bad. It's not my fault my friends and family are amazing and I miss them like crazy.

Alfunzo and his wife had a huge fight which just about stopped him from getting baptized. We went over and had a big long scripture filled chat and were able to get things under control. But afterwards we were really worried. We were talking about how he really doesn't have a testimony that he more just wants to get baptized for his family. So then we were talking about why he doesn't have a testimony if he has months and months of lessons. So then Hermana Anderson in a moment of genius says "Are we sure that the Elders taught him lesson one (the restoration of the church)" at first I thought, obviously he has months of lessons how could they have not . . . then I thought on no. We called the elders and well . . . they never taught him about Joseph Smith, about the Plan of Salvation about ANY of the commandments. They just taught him about the Book of Mormon and Baptism and then every lesson after that was just the same thing, oh elders.
It's alright, we are starting over again. I think it's helping a lot. He is starting to gain a testimony. Yesterday he realized that his salvation was personal. It was a big leap.

Things are going well. Just working hard.
Ok the zone leader is breathing down my neck, so I better go!

Bye! love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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