January 22, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos.

How is life! Things are going great here in Chancay. I love working with Hermana Anderson. We don't waste any time. We are just running around like crazy, learning the area and getting new people to teach. Chancay is different than Lima. It's a lot easier to get into houses. Now when we get in we have to make the decision if we really are going to come back or not, because some people are happy just to have someone come and talk to them about Jesus but they have no desires to change. But its good. We invite people to get baptized in the first lesson and you can see who has the desire to progress and who doesn't.

Last P Day was AWESOME! We went to some random mountain that is green! There were plants and trees and birds! I really felt like I was at home. We road in the back of a truck out to a mountain and then we went HIKING! I was in heaven!

Funny story for the week. Well there are these roosters that live behind our house, and they think that the sun rises at 3 in the morning. All week were dying. Seriously they didn't just squawk. It was the most intense screaming I have heard from an animal. So by the end of the week I told Hermana Anderson that I had to get ear plugs. The only problem is that neither of us knew how to say ear plugs. So we went to a pharmacy and explained what we wanted and the clerk says. "Si tampons!" Which if you can't tell means Tampons ha-ha. And I'm thinking what in the world. My Spanish must be terrible because I was talking about something to put in my ears ha-ha. Then she explained that in Spanish Ear plugs are called ear tampons. . . you better believe we got a good laugh out of that ha-ha.

Spiritual moment for the week. We went out teaching lessons with a recent convert. Recent converts are wonderful. Sometimes they will say some interesting things. In the church we speak another language. There are terms and phrases that we only use in our church. When people ask you how long ago you got baptized you would respond. "I have ____ years as a member." and when they ask how long you have been on our mission you say "I have ____ months in the mission." so we go out with this recent convert and someone asked her how long ago she got baptized and she responded "I have six months in the mission." At first I thought, oh she should have said as a member, then I thought about it. Really members are the example they really are what brings people to the gospel and keeps them there. They are the Lords hands here on earth. Everyone one of us is a missionary. So I guess Leanor was right, she does have six months in the mission.

So just to remind you all. I have four months left. That is sufficient time to write me a letter. I don't want you to all think, yeah she is coming home soon, I'll talk to her when she gets back. Four mouths! Don't forget about me!

I love you all!

Hermana Taggart

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