January 4, 2013

December 31, 2012

HOOLLAAA Familia! Saludos desde Chancay!!
This week was CRAZY!! Monday was Christmas Eve! We had an awesome P Day. Since we couldn't have a real snow ball fight we did one with balls of flour. It was awesome. The Elders loved it. I'm pretty sure it went down in history as one of the best P Days ever. In the night we did Noche de hogars with La Familia Espinoza y La Familia Delgado. We ate a ton. I ate some nasty turkey intestine that left me sick all week. But aside from that, Christmas eve was awesome. Afterwards we went over the Hermanas house and spent the night. In Peru sleeping on Christmas is impossible. At twelve everyone is shooting off illegal fireworks! It's awesome. I'll be honest it puts any fourth of July firework show to shame because its EVERYWHERE! We had a lot of fun. The Hermana in Tungasuca live on the 5th floor so the view was awesome!
Christmas I got to talk to my family! It was amazing! After talking to my family we waiting around for Hermana Venegas Mom to call. . .. and she never did. It was super Heart Breaking. She was too busy Christmas to talk to her own daughter. She called the next day while we were studying. Poor Hermana Venegas.
Then Wednesday in the night we got an unexpected phone call from the Mission office. Emergency Transfers. I got sent to Chancay with Hermana Anderson!
I had Thursday to say goodbye to everyone. Over all I was excited to leave. I was ready for new doors to knock and most of all to get out of LIMA! But it was hard to say goodbye to my converts. Mostly the Familia Espinoza. Anderson and his family. Wow . . . I didn't just cry I bawled like a Baby. It was embarrassing. I really love their family so much. I wish I could always be there to make sure they go to church and keep them on the right track. But you can't be a crutch. There comes a time where your converts have to do things for themselves. Obviously I will write them letters every now and then, I just hope and pray that they will keep doing things right. This family means the world to mean. I just want them to be happy and I know that living the gospel is the key to true happiness. I know they can do it. I know they can.
Friday afternoon we headed off to Chancay. It's a little town about 2 hours outside of Lima! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! It's has trees and fields. It's close to the ocean. Literally the beach is in our area. (Which would be a lot cooler if we could swim ha-ha) but it's beautiful. The air smells like the ocean. The people are SUPER friendly ever women we talk to will say things like "mamita preciosa angelita." ha-ha its REALLY different from Lima. In Santa Isabel I couldn't sleep at night because of all the drunks with loud music outside of my window and here in Chancay I can't sleep because our neighbors rooster thinks that the sun starts rising at 3 in the morning ha-ha.
Seeing as me and Hermana Anderson are new to this area it's a little crazy. We get lost ALOT! We also share the area with the Elders. Which is interesting. I've never done that before. When we got here they handed us over a bunch of single moms that they are teaching and said if we have men that we don't think we should visit or it might be a problem we can hand them over to the Elders.
Hermana Anderson is my companion which is fun. We have been in the same zone for the last 6 months and she is one of my good friends. We get along great and seeing as we come from the same culture we don't have any of those fun culture shocks like you do at times with Latinas. I do worry a little bit about our Spanish. We basically always speak in Spanish but if she doesn't know how to say something and I don't know how to say some things we just get kind of stuck. I think we will be fine but our vocabulary won't grow like it does when you are with a Latina.
Chancay is a really wonderful ward. The members that are active are great! They give you references like there is no tomorrow. I have received more references in days here in Chancay then I did in all my months in Santa Isabel. The only problem we have is the number of inactive numbers. Chancay has on average 80 members in the Sacrament Meetings, but there are close to 500 members in total. . . . OUCH . . . . Hermana Anderson and I have decided that we are going to work with the Ward list and try to complete and reactive families because 80 out of 500 just isn't good. And out of that 80 there are like 15 maybe 20 priesthood holders. Lots of room to improve. It's odd for me because I have always served in Areas where there aren't baptism. That really isn't the problem here in Chancay. The problem is the 400 people who got baptized 5-20 years ago who aren't coming to church.
Today is New Years Eve. We are planning on going somewhere fun and doing a BBQ. I'm pretty excited! We are the only Hermanas in our zone. . . which is kind of boring. But its o.k. Wow! I feel like this is the longest email I have written in a long time, but seriously this week has been CRAZY!!
I don't have much to say about investigators yet. Basically the Elders handed over some single women and two families that have been teaching for months and months but aren't progressing but they feel like they can. I'm excited to get to work! I just need to learn the streets. This area is much bigger then Antares, San Felipe or Santa Isabel. It's going to take some time to get use to.
I hope all is going well. Don't forget to write me.
Les Amo MUCHO!!
Con Amor, Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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