January 22, 2013

January 14, 2013


How are you all doing! Have you all forgotten about me? I haven't heard from anyone in almost a month! Shame on you. I still have 4 months left ha-ha.

Things in Chancay are good. This is a fun area to serve in. the people are friendly and we get to teach a lot.  In Chancay the members are SO good about coming and helping us and the people are friendly. I'm defiantly not in Lima anymore ha-ha. the only problem is getting all these nice people to come to church. its summer here and we live close to the beach. .. . everyone forgets about Jesus when the sun in hot and there is beach nearby. It's alright now, we have found families I'm excited. I want to bring a whole family to the gospel so badly!

You know I really like being a missionary. I hope I finish my mission like Hermana Anderson. She is such a hard worker. She made a goal to NEVER take a nap in her mission, and she never has. . . wish I could say I was that awesome, but I'm not ha-ha. She is a good example for me. I think before I thought I might just finish off trunky like all the elders in my last zone did, but she has shown me that you can finish working hard. So that's what I'm going to do.

I really am forgetting English, today I saw a Snickers bar and on the back of it, it had a word. I read it over and over again and then I had to ask Hermana Anderson, what word is this and I started reading it out loud pronouncing it in spanish, she looked at the bar and laughed at me, "Hermana Taggart, that's English, it says satisfies." .. . . ha-ha how embarrassing I can't even read English any more. I hope my mom is correcting these emails before they get on my blog. I wonder if my words are even coming out right.
Life is going good. just living it up, enjoying the mission. Working hard and trying to bring people to the gospel and keep them there.

I love the mission!
Love Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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