January 22, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos! ¡Que tal?

So I shouldn't complain about not getting letters because this week I got some. I'm just a cry baby, you all haven't forgotten about me after all. Well some of you have ha-ha but there are a handful of faithful people that are awesome.

Things in Chancay are going well. We are teaching a lot, but we are still having a hard time getting people to come to church. I think people are just use to changing their religious point of views to fit whatever life style they want to live, and they want to Praise the Lord and love Jesus but never go to church. They have created a religious reality where that's o.k. . . and it's hard to change that. But I know we can do it. We just have to help them have spiritual experiences so that they want to come to church because they want to have more of those experiences. Guess that means we just have to follow the formula in Alma 17:9 more praying more fasting so we have teaching with more spirit.

This week we had a super spiritual run in. We were walking around. All our appointments had fallen though, the contacts were going nowhere and we got to a fork in the road and we looked to the left and the right and we both felt like we should go right. As we walked we saw someone and before even talking to her I knew she was a member of the church. She came up to us and explained that she was from Lima but had a feeling that she needed to visit a friend here in Chancay. On her way she had this feeling that she should bring the missionaries to his house but didn't know how to contact them. When she got out of her taxi she saw us from a way off and was worried we would turn the other way, but then we turned right. We went with her to meet her friend. Her prayer was answered and hopefully his as well. Little miracles to be thankful for.
All is well. I really hope we have success this next month. Its Hermana Andersons last and she is SUCH a good worker. So diligent she really has her whole heart, mind and soul into this work. She deserves to see the fruit of her labor her in Chancay.

I love you all!
Thanks for being awesome!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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