August 10, 2012

August 6, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

This week was a good week. We taught ALOT of lessons. Which is the best. Knocked tons of doors and set a fecha bautismal, or a baptism date with a man named Elais. He is 75 years old and a super sweet man. His son is a member of the church. He came to church on Sunday and it was fast and testimony meeting. The primary president had invited the primary children to share their testimonies, Elais was really impressed by the testimonies of the primary children, he was raised catholic and it was really wonderful to him that even the children got the chance to share their testimonies. He still isn't 100% set on the whole getting baptized thing, but he agreed to setting a meta or a goal for the 26th of August. So we are going to work hard with him to help him meet that goal.

Anderson bore his testimony this Sunday. It was adorable. I may or may not have cried?  He is wonderful. His whole family. One of the great things is even though Andersons Dad had to go back to the Selva where there isn't a church he is still reading in his Book of Mormon. He sends text messages to his wife every day of scriptures that he likes and reminds her to read! I love it! I really just love this family.

Things with Hermana Lisarazo are still great. She is crazy but in a good way haha. We have lots of fun. She does odd things sometimes, like when I'm contacting, she will make up hand gestures for the things I'm describing. She also loves animals. EVERY ANIMAL we pass "OH QUE LINDO" Or in English its like "AAHH How cute!" It can be a nasty dog with a bleeding tumor (because here we don't kill our animals when they suffer we just let them wander the streets) and she will still look at it and find something positive to say haha. She thinks I'm heartless because I think that someone should put to sleep all the sick dogs in the street (or just all the dogs in the street in general) But it's funny and we joke a lot.

So how is life in the real world. Janae got married! My mom sent me a few pictures. She looks beautiful and extremely happy. I hear Bradi hasn't had her baby yet but should soon! What are you naming her? I haven't heard from a lot of you in a long time. Lima's post offices are all shut down for some odd reason, so I don't know if that's why or maybe you have all just forgotten about me haha. But if you have written me in the last month and haven't heard back from me you should try again. I would hate for anyone to think that I'm just not writing you back.

Well I better go. I've got some futbol to play! Whoot!
I love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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