December 6, 2011

November 30,2011

Hello friends and family!!!

I am loving Peru!!! So I just thought I would give you all a rundown of what an average day in the Peruvian MTC is like.

My day starts at 5 in the morning. Seems pretty early right??? I think so too, but for some reason all the Latinas wake up a hour and a half early!! AAAHHH!!!!! And without an alarm clock, every morning like clockwork. I hear Hermana Cumba, directamente arriba de me cabeza, making her bed (just so you know I just made another lame missionary joke, but this time in Spanish. Haha Basically I just quoted part of the first vision. I am aware its lame, but I will have you know I made the joke to my companion and she died laughing. So it was funny, just to us lame Hermanas. Haha)

Usually I go back to bed, wake up at 6 and get ready. Showering at the CCM  is dangerous!! The water changs temperature without any warning!! So you just have to be ready to dive away from the hot water. Haha Its an adventure.

Breakfast and all meals are my favorite part of the day. The food is so, so good. It just all takes the same. Haha I love my companions. It's so much fun to talk to them during meals.

After breakfast is CLASS, CLASS, CLASS, about the gospel, about Spanish, about Spanish, and the gospel. Its good, my Spanish is improving slowly but surely.

Lunch!! So eating here is a science. Everyone gets sick at first because the Peruvians eat so much rice, bread, and potatoes. You have to learn to balance out your fruit to rice intake or you will be VERY sorry. I have found two apples a day keeps the stomach pains... well not away, but manageable. Haha

After lunch is my favorite class, TRC. We teach with our Latinas, Hermana Cumba is SO amazing!! She has helped me with my Spanish so much and she really is just an awesome person. The only time I hate TRC is when we are teaching and I have no clue what is being said. And then she turns to me and says, "Now Hermana Taggart will share a scripture with us." And I just pray that I pick one that is even slightly on subject. Haha

After TRC is gym. Gym here is awful!!! There is no way to go running. No one is good at volleyball and there is no gym equipment. :(  The best volleyball I have played since being here was against the wall. Haha But it's all good.

Dinner! So like I said meals are my favorite because I get to talk with my comps, but usually by the end of a meal Hermana Cumba can't even look at me anymore because she is laughing so hard. Haha I don't have patience to make sure I am saying right words so I make ALOT of mistakes. Two great examples from this week: It was night time and I looked up in the sky and saw my first star in Peru (the sky here is so cloudy you never see the sky). Anyhow I looked up and proudly yelled "AUSTRALIA"... The country. Haha When I meant to say "Astrella" the Spanish word for star. Lots of people heard that one so I have elders coming up to me all the time and pointing in the sky and saying "AUSTRALIA"!! Haha Another stupid Spanish moment of this week was when I was talking about the new "nuevo" missionaries coming in on Wednesday. But I accidently said "novio" which means boyfriend. Hermana Cumba thought I said I had a boyfriend coming in on Wednesday. But when she tried to clarify with me I didn't understand her so I just said "Si". Haha It took a long time to fix that communicated problem.

After dinner is CLASS, CLASS, CLASS, planning and BED!!!

Then I just wake up and do it all over again. Haha I really am so happy here. I will be honest, Provo was good, but I felt weird there. I feel so much more like myself. Probably because I am constantly making a fool of myself and have people laughing at me, but that's what I'm used to so its good. Hopefully one day my Spanish will be good enough so I can make a joke instead of be the joke. Haha But it's all good. I love it here. I can't wait until I can be a REAL missionary. Haha

Well I love you all!! Don't be afraid to write! You have two more weeks to send letters here, then they will need to be sent to my mission address. :) Love you all!

Hermana Taggart

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