December 17, 2011

December 14, 2011

Hello Family and Friends!

I swear emailing is the most stressful thing I do here. I have so much I want to tell you all, and so little time. Those red numbers are the brain of my existence!! First of all I want to say thank you for all your support SERIOUSLY!! I don't know what I would do without my mom, brother, sisters, and friends that have been using Dear Elder and writing m!! It keeps me sane, keep it up! Sorry but until I find stamps in this place I can't write back. We are only allowed to go to one store here and they don't sell stamps... grrr. Oh Courtney Bullard you better stalk my blog. I get your letters but one of them got stolen!! No lie they opened up your letter, took it out and then put just the envelope in a clear bag thing and sent it to me!!! What did you send me? Was it a picture of JB!? Cuz I can totally understand why someone would steal that.

This week has been great. We went on a tour of Lima. I sent pictures home!! It was super fun! Just so you know if you know anyone with low self esteem and blue eyes just send them to Peru. Seriously I got stopped so many times by people telling me how beautiful I was, or my eyes. Haha It was cute when it was little old ladies, but it was super awkward when it was men... what are you supposed to do... I just would say thank you and walk away. Haha

I got a new companion this week, Hermana Cartagena!! She is from Peru and wonderful!! She reminds me of that cartoon Speedy Gonzales!! Remember that little mouse that ran around super fast and spoke Spanish super fast!!! Yup that is her! She is TINY, her head doesn't even come to the top of my shoulders and she can't weigh more than 80 pounds. I will send pictures next week. Its hilarious! She is so wonderful! And speedy. Serioulsy I don't think she walks anywhere. Or maybe she has to run to keep up with me and my giant long legs. Haha She speaks really fast, by some miracle I understand most of what she says. OH AND BEST OF ALL she is great at volleyball!! I am pretty sure that is proof that God does in face love me.

I hope none of you feel like I am being a terrible friend or family member!! I know so many of you have had HUGE things going on in your lives. Don't think I have forgotten about your weddings, babies, and boy troubles!! Because I haven't, I care so much!! I just don't have stamps right now so I can't write and tell you how much I love and care about you and that it all is going to work out!! HAVE FAITH!! Also my family I have been writing but now I am out of stamps ugh! I hope you start getting my letters soon!

So stupid Sadie moment of the week. I went half the day without realizing that I totally had one brown shoe and one black shoe on... yup... my teacher couldn't stop laughing at me!

We got a ton of new Hermanas this week. Two of which are going to my mission! I am the only North American going... I haven't even met a North American Elder going yet. It makes me nervous, just cuz sometimes its nice to know someone else is as lost and unsure of everything as you are. Haha But the Hermanas are so great!! I hope I get to have them as companions at some point.

I want you all to know that I am very happy here in Peru! I feel like I am starting to find a balance between Sadie and Hermana Taggart. I am starting to get weird though... I know I am. The cheesy church music I have on my iPod isn't sounding as cheesy as it once did. And I might have giggled more than I ever would have at some things written to me in letters. Haha Oh boy, when I come home super awkward, I think my friends are all just going to have a hay day making me feel awkward for once in my life. Haha

I really am happy though. I remember last year being so confused about where I was going in my life and what I was doing, and what I was supposed to be doing. A year later I wake up every morning knowing I am where I am supposed to be. That is the most comforting feeling in the world!!

I love you all! I wish we could be together for Christmas!! For Christmas do you know what I would really want and like!! LETTERS!!! But start sending them to my mission home cuz by the time they get to me I will be in the FIELD! Love you all!!

Hermana Taggart

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