October 22, 2012

October 15, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!
All is well here in Santa Isabel. I get one more cambio here with Hermana Venegas. I'm really excited. We get along great. She works hard and we are seeing a lot of progress here in Santa Isabel. I really believe the end of this month we could have more baptisms in one month then Santa Isabel has had in a VERY long time. Which makes me excited. I'm just happy and working hard. Sunday I was a little frustrated because Arturo y Sheyla didn't come to church. You just have to accept that as a missionary you can only do so much but at the end of the day Salvation is personal. It's like that saying that says you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. . . well you can lead a person to the waters of baptism, but you can't make them swim ha-ha.
Really keeping the Sabbath Day Holy is a commandment that people REALLY struggle with here. Even down to our MOST active families buy things on Sundays. . . I'm not sure what we can do as missionaries to help them.
So my mom says that my letters finally got to you all. I hope you all know I love you dearly and I'm sorry that you are just getting the letters I wrote for you in June ha-ha.
We are getting new gringos in the zone. I'm pretty excited. Seeing the new missionaries makes me smile because you can see how far you have come.
This week I did something I have never done before I fasted out of thankfulness. Never in my life have I done that before. I have always fasted because I needed something. Help from the lord, strength to live with the trails I was passing through or to help someone else, but NEVER in my life have I fasted to tell the Lord that I was thankful for all I have been given. Honestly I had never even thought to do it till the other day when my companion wanted to fast. I was worried because for me fasting means that something is wrong so I asked her why and she said she wanted to fast to show that she was thankful for all the blessings she has been given. . . Wow. . . so I decided that I would do that this week but then things got hard, our contacts fell through and I thought "no this week I need to fast for this and that I will have to fast to show thankfulness another week." but then I thought maybe that's the problem, maybe I am too busy being focused on all that is going wrong that I'm missing out on all the blessings that the lord has been giving me. So I fasted with the only purpose to say thank you for everything that I have. Every time I felt hungry ( I did what my mom always taught me to do) I thought about why I was fasting and instead of thinking about the problems in our area that I was worried about I thought about the good things in life and all the blessings I have. Long story short, fasting to show the Lord how thankful you are is a GREAT idea. I can't believe that I have never done this before. If anyone reading this is passing through problems or trials I would invite you to fast and fast with the purpose to give thanks to the Lord for all you have!
Well know that you all finally got my letters I will expect to hear from you all soon!
Love Always,
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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