June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Letter

Hola Amigos y Familia!

Another week come and gone in the mission, This week I reached my seventh month mark! Crazy! Kenyis baptism was this Saturday. Everything went really well, he was super happy. I'm excited for him. He´s going to make a great member, and a great missionary some day!

We found some really great families this week. Lots of people are coming to church and progressing. We have one Mother and her two daughters that have been reading praying and coming to church with us for the past two weeks. The daughters want to get baptized but haven't quite yet agreed to a baptism date. The mom wants to get baptized as well. She just is afraid to. She is an active member of the Catholic church. She has a calling of some sort in a group of people who get together to pray every week and she is scared that if she gets baptized she will lose her friendships in this group of people. I think she will get baptized. She can see the difference that these two weeks has made in her relationship with her daughters. She loves that they are able to talk about the things of God for the first time.

We also found a family contacting. The mom is a member, "technically" she was baptized when she was 13 but really never went to church after that and she doesn't remember any of the basics. We taught them the first lesson last night and her husband loved it. He works close to an LDS church and says that he has always been impressed with what he has seen of the members as they come and go from church. He wants to raise his children in the "Camino de Dios" or the path of God. I'm really excited for them. Hopefully we can reactivate the Mom and help the rest of the family come closer to Christ. After all, that's what we are here for.

In other news, it has officially gotten cold here in Lima! It's weird because the cold here isn't the same kind of cold that we have in Utah. In Utah its freezing, but here it's just wet. It's hard to explain, but in the mornings when we go running I get soaked. And not because I am sweating but just because there is SO MUCH water in the air. Sometimes I can't tell if I need to breathe the air or swallow it. I basically just feel wet and cold all the time. More bad news is that we don't have dryers here for our clothes. They hang out to dry, but in the cold humidity it's pretty much impossible . . . it's all good. It's nice to have a break from walking around in the sun all day. It's just different.
The cold is defiantly playing tricks with my mind. I feel like we should be getting ready for Christmas. The cold weather had me in a serious craving for Christmas music. I fought off the craving for as long as I could. . . but I just couldn't do it anymore. I thought to myself "I know its May, but I'm cold and I want my Christmas music."

Not sure if I mentioned this or not but my mom has officially become a face book stalker ha-ha. She found out how to steal your pictures off of face book and send them to me in emails! I love it! I got to see one of Kayleighs wedding pictures and one of Janaes engagements! I'm so happy for you both! Ah!

So that's about it. Today I am going to send home all the letters that I have been writing all of May ha-ha. So hopefully those of you who have written me will be getting your letters in the next two weeks or so.

All is well here in Lima. This area of San Felpie is small, but there is alot of potential! We have a lot of great ward members who are constantly checking in on our less active members and who are very welcoming to our investigators. This really makes a world of difference!

I hope you are all doing well. Soak up the sun for me these next couple months!
Love you all.
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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