June 24, 2012

June 12, 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Wow I feel like I have so much to say and so little time to say it. First I have to tell you all about the most epic game of Futbol I've ever played in my LIFE! So Soccer is really popular in Peru, Obviously. The Elders always want to play it on Pdays and normally like the Lame Hermanas that we are, we do something else haha. But last Monday I told Hermana Campbell that we had to play or the Elders would keep thinking we are super lame.
So we played and I will have you know that I made 6 of our 10 goals! O.k. at first it was easy cuz the elders basically parted and let me make the goal. The second goal was a little bit harder I think that they could see that I can somewhat play, but the third goal! OH THE THIRD GOAL! It was beautiful. One of the Elders kicked the ball, but it was too high and it would have gone out of bounds had I not JUMPED IN THE AIR and knocked the ball in the goal WITH MY HEAD! Oh you all should have seen it. I'm pretty sure it looked as beautiful in real life as it did in my imagination because when I turned around the elders were all on their knees! All I could hear was "ASU!" Which is like Peruvian slang for "What now." or "Oh no she didn't." Basically it was a moment of glory for me. Plus I think I earned the Title of Cool Hermana! Sweet.
Too bad It took me 5 weeks to win over the title of Cool Hermana In my zone and now I am getting transferred! I'm super sad!

We have two baptisms this Saturday, one more then next week and then at least one more this month. I'm sad that I won't get to see them progress or be here a little longer to help them make the transition into being members of the church.

I'm getting transferred to Santa Isabel with is right across the street from where I am at right now. I'll be with La Hermana Supo. She is from Peru. I've heard good things about her. Hopefully she likes to exercise. I'm nervous to get a pensionista again. I was really liking just eating what I wanted to eat every day. Oh well. We all have to get fat at some point on our missions.

This week we got to do some spontaneous service. We were knocking doors and a lady answered. She was really forward and somewhat rude and she told us that they were recently moving into their house and they didn't have time and she gestured to the moving truck down the road that had just pulled up with all their stuff. I looked at her and asked if we could help. She just laughed at me and started walking towards the truck. So I did something that made me feel super forward and Peruvian. I followed her. Walked over to the Truck, picked up a box and started helping haha. She seemed a big caught off guard but she let us help. We haled boxes for a little over an hour. We were able to talk with her and her daughters about the church and our mission during the process. Two of our members walked by and saw us and started helping as well. Afterwards she was really grateful and we set up a day to come visit with them and teach them more. And who knows what will happen. Maybe they will listen to us, maybe they will get baptized or maybe they won't, but no matter what happens they have a positive view of the church. It was a really great experience.
Sunday we had a little mini miracle! Lucy came to church! She has been listening to us the 6 weeks we have been here, but she has blown us off for church almost every Sunday because of her health. She can't sleep at nights because of a heart condition that she has. But we promised her that if she would read the Book Of Mormon before she went to bed she would feel peace and be able to sleep and FINALLY Saturday night she read the Book of Mormon on her own and was able to sleep (hopefully because she felt peace and not because it bored her to death haha) but either way she was up and ready Sunday morning when we passed by for her. She bore her testimony about the power of prayer and El Libro de Mormon as we walked to church. Mini Miracle! I think so.

Well I better go. I love you all! Thanks for you love and support.
Till Next Week.
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

P.S Courtney. I love you and your obsessive letter writing. Of course we are still friends. A very long spiritual smack down letter is on its way to you. Be ready.

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