November 10, 2011

November 8, 2011

Hey Friends and Family!!

Week two at the MTC flew by! I'm not one of those missionaries that loves it here, but I am also not one who hates it. There is good and bad. It's crazy how busy they keep you here. From 6am-10:30pm my day is scheduled out completely! It's insane. At first it bothered me that they didn't give us any free time, but then a lesson from one of my teachers really put things into perspective. Basically she said, "You didn't have to serve a mission, but you chose to. You chose to give your time over to the Lord. Now it's the Lords time and you need to make the best of that time. At the end of your mission you will be accountable for what you did with the Lords time." It was bold but it made me realize this is the Lords time. So I'm trying my best to do the most with the time he has given me.

Good news!! I got my Visa! I leave for Peru on the 16th. No worries I am pretty much pro at Spanish now so I'm not even worried... haha ... so honestly my Spanish is terrible!! I'm screwed! haha But it will be ok. The Lord has always helped me when I've given talks or taught in church, so I am sure when the time comes that he needs me to speak he'll make sure I can speak. I am working my hardest though. I have NEVER put this much work into any class in my life. I also have never not given up when a class was this hard for me. So I guess Spanish is teach me something, even if its life lessons instead of Spanish.

My favorite parts of the MTC are showering and playing volleyball. I love my companions and roommates. I am very blessed to have such fun, normal girls, but I really miss my alone time. Showering is pretty much the only time you are just alone! It's wonderful!! The volleyball here is so much fun!! We have our "noncompetitive" games and they are great fun. haha

The weirdest thing about week two was this random identity crisis. Apparently it's something a lot of missionaries go through. It's hard to explain. I talked to a lot of missionaries about it and they all seemed to know what I was talking about in a different way. What it all seemed to come down to was a pride issue. haha I have a feeling a really humbling experience is on its way. It's a terrifying feeling really. It's kind of like that 'dunna dunna' before Jaws eats someone. But instead of a shark eating you, you get humbled beyond all reason. I think that experience is going to Peru.

I'm scared about going, I'm not kidding when I say that I DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH!! Worse than that I DO NOT UNDERSTAND SPANISH!!! Oh boy...

I feel bad one of my companions didn't get her Visa :( If anyone who is going on a foreign mission is reading this, DO NOT put off applying for your Visa. Nothing could be worse than being stuck here when you know you should and could be moving forward.

I feel like I have so much less to say than last time. Mostly because not much changes from day to day here. haha It's weird when on Saturday nights your teachers leave to go have a life and you aren't even aware that today is any different than a Monday or a Thursday.

I love my teachers here. Hermana Baum is probably my favorite. She's an RM. So she's kind of like the cool Senior on the volleyball team and I'm the little freshman. (Did I say that last time? Oh well if I did its still true haha) I pretty much think any advice from her is gold haha.

Honestly missions are odd. I'm in a place with about 1,900 young adults who are giving up 18 months-2 years of their lives for their religion. It amazes me. And we are just the people waiting to go. To think of how many people have served, are serving, or will serve just blows my mind. I have a lot of respect for the 19 year old boys who are here for the right reasons. I use to think that it would just be easy to up and leave. Now that I understand this better I have so much more respect for the Elders, you just have to remember that sometimes when they act super ridiculous. haha

I've been studying A TON about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It blows me away. Sometimes it just seems too good to be true. The most wonderful part about it all is that it is true!

AAHHH!!! The red numbers again!! I hate the red numbers!

So a cool experience we had last Preparation Day after I emailed. We went to the temple and we ran into a woman and her husband. They stopped me and my companions and talked to us. They told us how when they lived in Washington, two Sister missionaries knocked on their door, taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they were now married in the Temple and were an eternal family. She told me that she would never have let two men into her house but because they were Sisters she let them in. She then bore testimony about the importance of missionaries. It was wonderful to meet her.

Well my time is running short!
Thanks for all your love and support. Oh, and thanks for the letters. I think my guilt trip from the last email worked. haha

Love you all,
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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