November 15, 2011

Last Provo MTC Letter

Hello Family and Friends!

Can you believe it, I leave for Peru TOMORROW!! CRAZY!!!! I am in shock! Nothing feels real in the MTC so it hasn't hit me yet that I am leaving. I realized this is my first time leaving the country! I'm super excited.

So my third week in the MTC was great, probably my best week so far. Brace yourself, I have lots of stories and I am just going to type them as fast as possible.

So Wednesday we went and taught in the TRC lab (it's where LDS members come and you teach them a gospel lesson in your mission language). So we were teaching a man named Scott. He was about 45-50ish years old. Nice guy. My companion was asking him some get to know you questions so we could try and decide what message we wanted to teach him, when all of a sudden I had the strongest feeling. A voice in my head said "You should ask him how his parents are doing." Which I felt was odd, but the prompting continued. So I scrabbled through the Spanish in my head and asked the man, "Como es su Pardes?" He seemed suprised. He then told me that his  mom was having a really hard time because almost exactly a year ago her husband (his father) passsed away. All the sudden a scripture came to my mind, Revelations 21:4 and D&C 138. I was able to talk to him about the plan of salvation in SPANISH!!! In awful Spanish, but still it was Spanish. Afterwards I felt so humbled. I realized I CAN NOT teach without the spirit, but the Lord is with me and when he wants me to speak he will help me do so. So that was an awesome experience.

Next awesome experience has to do with prayer. You may laugh when you read this and I admit it is silly, but that doesn't take away how AWESOME it was. So it's about 2 am, I'm sleeping when I am awoken by the loudest snoring known to man!!!!! For about 30 minutes I put up with it till I just couldn't take it anymore. So I rolled over onto my knees and said "Heavenly Father I really need to sleep will you please stop her from snoring..." As soon as I finished my sentence BAM she stopped snoring. Hahaha Lik I said, kind of silly, but still it worked! Prayer is wonderful.

Lots of things have been great about this week. I had three friends come into the MTC. Sherlynn Porter, Cheree Kamp, and Jo Gullo!! It was great to see all of them. I have pictures that I will send as soon as possible. I always love seeing people I know here. It makes me feel normal. Haha I tell you what Jo, or Sister Gullo, or whatever you want to call her, is just amazing. We went running in the morning and she caught me up on her life since we haven't seen each other since high school. I was just blown away! Her conversion story is amazing! Her testimony is going to work miracles.

One awful thing about serving a mission is you get a really lame sense of humor, it's true. You start to make stupid scripture jokes and then at one point they actually start to get funny. Let me give you an example, so you know just how lame my humor is getting. I was reading in Proverbs 28:25 because I was doing scripture study on pride. At the end of the scripture it says "... but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat." Well that has pretty much become a huge joke to me and my companions about why we get fat in the MTC. Haha See I think it's funny and you don't, but that's because I am a lame Sister missionary and you are not. :)

Good news though, I have lost weight in the MTC. Bad news, I obviously haven't been trusting in the Lord.

Onto the subject of leaving to Peru!! I leave the MTC at 4am and I don't arrive in Peru till 10pm their time. With all the time zone changes between here to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to Peru, I am not sure how long I will be flying for, but I bet it's going to be a tough flight. No movies, no iPod... really I haven't missed that stuff, but I know on a forever long flight I will be missing it.

The hardest part about this week has been saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to Hermana Gee, who is still here till she gets her Visa. Saying goodbye to my District, I'll miss those Elders so much. Saying goodbye to my teachers! It's crazy to think that my District and my teachers have only shared such a small part of my mission experience.

One thing that has had me really scared is the idea of going to Peru when I don't speak Spanish. I am not kidding when I say it's a blessing from the Lord if I am able to speak, really my Spanish is terrible. So obviously I'm scared, but there is one scripture that has helped me a lot, its Luke 5:1-11. I won't type it all out, but basically Peter is fishing and having no luck what so ever. Christ tells him to "Launch out in the deep." Now Peter had "toiled all the night" and had no success, but on the Saviors word he casts out his net. He catches so many fish that the nets broke. After that experience Peter and others brought their ships to land and "they forsook all, and followed him." I feel like sending me to Peru right now is asking me to "Launch out in the deep," and I have "toiled" with Spanish these three weeks. But I know that I am supposed to be on a mission and I know the Lord will not leave me as long as I do what I am supposed to do. Spanish will come as long as I trust in his words.

AAHHHH!!!! The red numbers again!! I have to finish up!

I love you all! So not to put you all on a guilt trip, but I am super scared of having everyone stop writing me when I get to Peru, you should write me so that my fear doesn't come true. :)

Love you all!
Hermana Sadie Jean Taggart

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