January 10, 2012

January 9, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!!

HOLA! Sorry I don't have much time. I have lots to tell you about this week but it's hard for me to know what to say. When you are on your mission your whole life is revolving around other people's lives and their spiritual journey I guess you could say. So I will try to tell you about the people I have been teaching without forgetting that this is their lives I am talking about.

First of all, we are teaching a wonderful girl named Cynthia!! She is 24 years old. She took the missionary discussions in 2010 but after all the lessons, stopped listening because she was in a rough living situation and didn't feel like she could change. She is friends with an amazing member in our ward named Dian. Dian invited us over for lunch with her and Cynthia. We got to know her and it was lots of fun! After lunch we talked to her about Gods plan for her. My companion made me start the lesson! It was scary but I did it. Then during the lesson I look at Cynthia and asked her what she needed to do, and she responded, I need to get baptized! It was an amazing feeling. She bore her testimoany about Gods plan for her and that she has always known this was right and was ready to make the changes in her life she needs to make. Since then we have been teaching lessons and preparing her! The thing I love about Cynthia is she has faith AND then act on it. She changed her living situation, she reads the Book of Mormon everyday (and she really reads it, when we talk about it she knows details and feelings about the things she reads). She is wonderful. She came to church this Sunday and bore her testimony. She is so excited to get baptized and i am so excited for her. She has been a good example to some of her friends who are less active. She is getting baptized on the 21st!!

Missions are full of ups and downs. You got from a lesson with Cynthia and you feel like you couldn't be happier, and then you go to a lesson and someone who was progressing tells you they don't want to read the Book of Mormon, they don't want to pary, and they don't believe what you are saying. You leave that lesson feeling like someone spiritually sucker punched you in the face. But then you meet a sweet old man on the street and you talk about Gods love for all of us and you feel great again. Haha

The Spanish is coming. Usually I understand the basic concept of what is happening, I just miss the details. My companion is wonderful!! She corrects my Spanish all the time, but I am happy she does. I think I am getting better.

Mornings are usually tough. I look out the window and thing... am I really going to go out there and talk to people? I wonder if thats what shy people feel like in the morning. Do they look out the window and think, "Dear heavens I don't want to talk to anyone today". If so I feel bad for shy people. This is the first time in my life where talking to people in one of my greatest fears. Haha But it's getting better poco a poco. Little by little, that's what I have to remind myself.

Hmmm... what else. We have got to find a way to get the men in our ward to shape up! Man alive. This Sunday we took names of women in our ward who have inactive or nonmember husbands. We are making them our top priority because Fathers make such an impact on the lives of their children and seriously almost ALL of the mothers in this ward come to church by themselves.

Well I am doing good. I hope I can keep this email interesting for you all. I think that I am highly narcissistic and I like the idea of people reading what I have to say ever week. Haha I miss you all! I really do. I wish I didn't. I'm trying to turn into a crazy robot missionary who is so focused on the work that they aren't even phased by the fact that they are miles and miles away from their friends and family. But at this point, I haven't hit robot phase and I miss you all terribly.

I hope if you are reading this because you are bored and are wasting time blog hoping and facebook stalking, that you will think of your Tall White Friend roaming the streets of Peru and write me a letter. (That's right I ain't to proud to beg!) Haha I love you all!

Hermana Sadie Taggart

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